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Hard Cookies

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By no means am I a baker. All of my cakes come from a box. icon_sad.gif I want to make cookies but everytime I do, I might get them right in the oven, but when it comes to cooling and storing them, I end up with a pretty batch of hard cookies. icon_cry.gif What Am I Doing Wrong??????
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You're probably cooking them a bit too much. Also, I'm know you're not suppose to, but I put my cookies in the containers when they are still warm...not hot, just warm. They're soft all the time.
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You can add a slice of bread to your container when storing your cookies, it will help soften them if they are hard or just keep them soft.
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Remember, if your cookies look DONE in the oven, they're already TOO DONE. I take my out a little tiny bit early and let them set on the pan for about 5 minutes. The insides will continue to cook on the hot pan!! Good Luck
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