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I would like the recipe too!! icon_lol.gif TIA
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Has anybody received the recipe yet?
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Please send me the recipe.
You can PM it or email at
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NOPE, haven't got it yet. Maybe they don't want us to have it???????????
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i already stated in this thread and another one that the *original* recipe was deleted. i said i would post a *similair* cookie icing in the recipe section once i get unpacked. however, i have *many* boxes that still need to get sorted though and being that i'm 7 months pregnant with small children its hard to find the time. since so many people sent me a PM for the recipe, i figured it was just easier to post it as it would take way too much time sending it out individually. thanks for understanding!
Pray The Rosary
Pray The Rosary
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thanks dailey...we will wait patiently.
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I hope things are going well with your new baby and new house. take your time and when you get a chance the rest of us will be happy to get it when you have a moment. I have an 8 mo old so i know how precious alone time is.

Good luck!!!

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PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! Yes, I'm shouting - it seems to be the only way I am going to get this point across.

I am tired of receiving PM's regarding this icing recipe.

I do not have the Baby Dea cookie icing recipe. I was merely acknowledging that the author was kind enough to share the recipe, and asked the questions which normally get asked. I didn't know it was against the rules here to thank someone for sharing, even if it is something I didn't keep for myself.

Nor would I publish it or give it out without the owner's consent. The owner of the recipe is a member here on CC, and has already promised to publish it to this link when she is able.

Do not send me any PM's asking for the recipe. I will no longer respond.

And after some of the remarks which have been made here on CC to Dailey, the owner of the recipe, I wouldn't blame her if she never posted them.

Do not bother me about this recipe again.

Theresa icon_smile.gif
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