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When using Whipping Cream in your Buttercream, what are the portions used?  Say, you're using 1/4 cup Whipping Cream, how much Crisco, Butter and Powdered Sugar are you using? 

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Teddi, I sent you a PM a couple of weeks ago when you asked me. Check your messages and if you didn't get it let me know and I will resend it.
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Can you share?
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I also use heavy whipping cream in my buttercream, it gives it a nicer texture
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If using whipping cream instead of your other liquids, do you need to adjust any of the other ingredients?  Annie, I'd be interested in your recipe, too, if you don't mind.  Thanks!

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I am newer to buttercream and when I started, I used butter, vanilla, and powdered sugar. Everyone said it was so sweet, so I asked here and tried the ones with Crisco and the other recommended vegetable shortenings. I can't even take a taste of them, to me, they taste so chemical and I really dislike them. So I tried the Swiss meringue buttercream recipe, and, OH, MY GOD! Not too sweet at all, incredible smoothe texture (powdered sugar can be grainy) and everyone who has tried it has just flipped out over it! It was a little tricky the first time, but follow the directions, and read this blog here, because it is very forgiving.

Here are the directions I use:

You will not regret trying it. Maybe I am very sensitive to taste, but this is the only one I can eat, and this and the Italian Meringue Buttercream are the standard for the frosting.

PS - make sure everything you are going to use is wiped down with lemon juice, as the eggs won't whip into a meringue if there is grease or oil on anything.
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how do you use heavy whipping cream in your buttercream?

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I just add 2-3 tabs to my reg half butter half Cisco recipe (wilton) mix on med speed
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Guys, I just heat it up and pour it in. I don't use a specific measurement. I heat up about 1/3 cup and start with that. Many of you use crusting recipes and rely on Vivas for the smoothing so you might not be able to use that much cream if you want your icing to crust. Mine is about the consistency of stiff whipped cream and it doesn't crust. If I'm making cupcakes I use a lot more cream and whip a lot of air into it so it's not so heavy.

I don't make any adjustments to the other ingredients. I guess I'm just used to working with a softer buttercream so I add more liquid from the start.
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First you have to tell everyone the differences between real buttercream icing, ie. Swiss, Italian, French Buttercreams and American Buttercream which is shortening-based. Then you have to consider all the different types of shortenings there are, such as Crisco with fats vs. Crisco with no trans fats or Hi Ratio shortening. Then there are the combinations that people seem to come up with and call them buttercream. Personally, I got tired of dealing with the shortenings we get in California so I only make Swiss or Italian Buttercreams (the cooked types) and use them for everything needing icing. I give the recipes to my students once I know they will be able to make it properly because so many people don't know how to read instructions or want to buy the proper ingredients and have the proper measuring tools and a thermometer.

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I tried the SMBC for the first time last week. I read this recipe on here and luckily found the trouble shooting guide on sweetapolita. It was hard the first time, and even my third time through, my heart is in my throat over whether it will come together, and it does. It is very forgiving! I've heated it too much and cooled it too much, but it does come together! And it's fabulous!
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I only add abt 2-3 tbls of whipping cream at the very end. usually i use 1 cup of better to 1/2 cup crisco.

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butter** not better lol

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I decided to make an account on Cake Central because I desperately need someone to tell me how to properly thin out my buttercream!


I always assumed that adding more heavy cream would do the trick, but apparently, it just makes it more fluffy and airy, not exactly smooth and creamy. Should I use skim milk, or water? HELP!

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Thin out buttercream with milk. Teaspoon at a time till you get the right consistency.

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