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Fondant Easy Lifter

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Has anyone ever heard of this and why on earth would it cost $236.50???
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I have seen a similar item and thought it was a pretty cool, yet simple concept. I can't for the life of me figure out why it would cost soooo much either. Don't think I'll be buying one! LOL!!
Whatever you do, do with all your heart!
Whatever you do, do with all your heart!
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Thin...I've seen them used in some books I have...UK and Aussie decorating books.

I saw them on the Sugarcraft site...yes very expensive.
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Thin4life, save your money and use a 30 cent cardboard cake circle sprinkled with powdered sugar or cornstarch!
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I've seen this too--and thought it was really cool 'til I saw the price! I think the only reason it can possibly be this expensive is because the manufacturers think it can be. icon_eek.gif I even heard this is the less expensive version! The more expensive one is made of metal. Guess I'll keep doing it the old-fashioned way too icon_lol.gif

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I agree, it is priced WAY TOO high. I just use cardboard circles like tastycakes said. But I am a cheapskate as my family calls me.
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It would appear to be marketed by someone who thinks we're not very bright........ wowzers!
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It's FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!! WOO-HOOOOOOO! I'm for whoever is playing OU!!!
It's FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!! WOO-HOOOOOOO! I'm for whoever is playing OU!!!
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I've seen these used on a video, and they are really handy, but no way would i pay that amount. I reckon it'd be pretty easy to make one though.
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I e-mailed them and asked why the $$$$...

Perhaps a silly question, but what makes the Fondant Easy Lifter so darned expensive? It's a neat idea, but I don't see what would make it worth over $200... does it do something special other than allowing you to pick up rolled fondant?

this is the reply:

Dear Melissa,
Fondant Lifter is made with high tech plastic material unfortunately this material is very costly. This lifter will do upto 22 inch diameter cakes, therefore need large size of material. Fondant lifter is not only neat idea but is time saving tools for those who are using rolled fondant. Not for everybody of course. Yes it is only to pick up rolled fondant there is not other purpose.
the advantages: to minimize cracking, to avoid folding, to be as table as well, to keep rolling fondant in higienic and control surface, to save time 60% less effort.
Daniel Budiman
CalJava International, Inc
Editor-In-Chief "Here Comes The Cake" magazine
19519 Business Center Drive. Northridge, CA 91324
ph:818.718.2707 fax:818.718.2715
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What's the cheapest anyone has found the fondant lifters for? I liked at an Aussie came decorating site and they're going for over $400 here!!!

I just contacted a local plastics distributer and I can buy sheets of food grade plastic from them. I'm a self employed jeweller by day and cake decorator by night (as a hobby) so from the jewellery side of things I already own a CNC machine ... I'm going to try making my own. Might even try making a plastic rolling pin with handles and ball bearings. Gosh I love getting my geek on! icon_smile.gif
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Here's an old thread. Someone bought it long ago. I do think it's a neat idea.
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Thanks imaginethatnj. I looked through all the old threads but the links seem to all be out of date. Using google I can't find it for any less than $250, but I was just wondering if anyone here knows of a cheaper source icon_smile.gif Thanks!
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MustangMollie, I cannot find this thing when I google it and the old links that I tried seem to be broken.  Have you considered buying 'The Mat'.  Heaps cheaper and can do any shape of cake.  You will read mixed reports in the threads but I absolutely love it. Just make sure if you get one that you season it properly before you start.

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I did not even know that it was being sold anymore. That thing is from 2006-2008, and then it disappeared from all the blogs and forums, probably because not too many people bought it and everyone just learned to do it the old way, using their arms.


It used to show up in blogs with the agbay and agbay jr. to torte and level your cakes...with the stress-free cake support system to stack your cakes...with the cake safe to deliver your cakes...but since they were all expensive, not too many people would buy them. I haven't seen that fondant lifter anywhere around here, for the past two years.

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Hi Cazza, I think the matt is something different. My understand is that the may is only for rolling fondant but that the fondant lifter is for rolling it and draping it on your cake. It's this right?
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