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Big Brother and Sister ideas

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Hi All!

I'm making 3 new baby cakes for friends and relatives in the next few weeks and 2 of the new babies will be #3 for the families. Since I'm doing the cake for the whole family to welcome the baby, I wanted to do something for the other kids as well. They are all between 3 and 6. I'm thinking of making them each small cookie bouquets but I'm at a loss for ideas when it comes to shapes. There is a little boy and a little girl in each set and I don't want to have to buy too many cutters just yet if I don't have to. I have about 30 various ones including regular baby shower cutters...but want something that the other kids would enjoy. Any ideas? I looked for a Cinderella cutter and a Bob the Builder cutter but that one is part of a set and comes with more than I'm looking for and costs more than I want to put into this. Of course, if I used the cutters again, the Bob the Builder one would pay for itself...but still, any other ideas to make something special for the other kids?
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Please feel free to add ideas in case anyone else comes up with this issue or to assist me as well. I just came up with one idea. I have a bunch of star shapes and I guess I could use those and write each child's name on them with a little note or poem about how being a big brother or sister makes them a star. Still want more ideas if you have them though. Thanks all!
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Animal shapes would be cute...dogs or cats. Or maybe princess tiaras and hearts for the girls and sports-related things for the boys (i.e. soccer balls, baseballs). I'm sure the big brothers and sisters will get a kick out of their very own cookie bouquets!
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The stars, the little boy or girl cookies and perhaps teddy bears or any animal shapes like was suggested?
Not sure if you have two sizes of teddy bear shapes, but a large and small one to represent the baby and the big sister or brother. Big hand, little hand cookies. Round cookie cutters could be used to make rattles
Nice thing to do, by the way, I really like the idea!
Hugs Squirrelly
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I made cookies once that my kids and their friends loved, they were bear heads. The cookie was pretty good size, I used the tip that looks like grass and made it look like a teddy bear. On the girl cookies I put pink bows. For cookie bouquets, you could add maybe pink hearts for the girls and maybe blue stars for the boys. I got the cookie cutter online, I cant recall the site, kitchen collectibles or something. Its a great site if you can find it. Good luck!
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