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I wish I had seen your photos before I attempted my boxer. Mine looked like a pig. He was awful, so we ate him. I was sooo disappointed because I wanted to make it for someone who was moving and loved boxers. I was too embarassed to give it to him. icon_redface.gif
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That is super cute! Thanksn for posting the before and after.
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thank you for sharing this!
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Thanks for sharing.....I wanna make one now! icon_smile.gif
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Thank you all , i have a dog make to make in two week after seeing this i am not as worried as i was about doing it. Thanks
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Thanks a lot. I really appreciate you posting this.
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great job he looks awesome...thanks for the before pics very helpful icon_biggrin.gif
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HollyPJ or any other individual that may have received/downloaded the puppy cake instructions will you Pm them to me? I am unable to open the document posted above. TIA
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Originally Posted by HollyPJ View Post

Here are the puppy cake instructions:

Could you send me the instructions? I'm new on here and can't get the hang of it? Thanks

There are two puppy cakes in my photos done using these.
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Would it be possible to let me know how you cut it? I want to make it for the first time and i'm a little nervous. Couldn't find anything on youtube.


Thank you

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