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Cookie bouquet question...

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This is my second time at usng the No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe, and again that was a success, and I've used antonia74's royal icing recipe again too. My cookies are baked, have the sucker sticks inserted, I iced them last night, and want to put together the bouquets tonight. I have two to do. I have bought little tin flower pots for them to go into, have the floral green stuff for inside, and have little decorations too.

My question is... What do I do now? I think I can figure out how to put it all together without much dilemma, but I'm confused on how to wrap and send them. I made my cookies with the funky flower cutter, so they are quite big. I had bought little baggies to go over the cookies, but they are way too small. So, what should I use to wrap them???

I'm loving doing these cookies, and the recipes are great! Thanks in advance!!! icon_biggrin.gif
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Buy a wrap by Wilton that they use for gift bags. It comes in a big roll and is food safe and it can be cut to any size. I had that happen too!
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