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Tonight was my first attempt at making the MMF, I used the recipe I had printed out from this site. But it seems a little to hard I think, it doesn't feel quite as soft in texture as I think it probably should. So my question is, if I need to soften it up some to work with it, what do I do? And it won't harden back up on the cake that way will it? It's not like rock hard lol, I was going to add a little water but didn't want to mess up the whole batch without some input from everyone first! Thanks- Gale icon_biggrin.gif
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I am not for sure...but I think you can put it in the microwave for a little bit. I will bump this post up and hopefully someone else can help. icon_smile.gif
Sharing is caring.
Sharing is caring.
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Hi there.....I found that by not adding all the sugar (maybe 1 cup short), I get a very nice texture. I have had a batch or two that was hard and what I do is microwave it for 5 or 10 seconds. It will soften....then add a dollop of crisco and knead it in well. It will become very workable and wont shrink as much.

Good luck!
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Sorry about my stupidity but what is crisco icon_redface.gif
i assume it is llike shortening or somethig?
p.s i had the same problem with my mmf never made around to cover the cake because my kids ate it before i got around to work with it but it seemed really stiff for me.
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Crisco is white vegetable fat in England sold under the brand names of Trex or White Flora
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I have found humidity to be a big factor in how the MMF turns out. Also if you add any flavorings that makes a difference too.

Just add the sugar until you like the consistency, it does help to leave maybe a cup of it out and then if it is still sticky, try adding it in bit by bit.
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Thank you everyone! Next time I'll be sure to leave out a bit of the sugar. I'm going to do the micro, and add the crisco, sounds like that'll take care of the problem thumbs_up.gif . It does taste ALOT better then the wiltons, even being hard lol! Thanks again, Gale icon_biggrin.gif
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MissBaritone, just wanted to say that my anniversary is on your b-day! It'll be 22 yrs this coming Jan. 21st icon_smile.gif
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