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This is kind of scary! icon_eek.gif
What about the laws in Canada???
Any Canadians out there that know if all this applies to us??
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I just found this forum today and it is VERY timely for me I have been researching this very subject.

The city said it is an allowed home business and I just need a business license and sales tax number but then I called the health dept.

although the health dept recommended I rent space they did not say I could NOT put an approved kitchen in my home and I am waiting for them to get back to me on the details Unfortunately this would be a 3rd kitchen for me I also run a family childcare and even though it is inspected there is the possible cross contamination issue.

BUT either way I suppose Ins is definately needed so...... where do I go to find it what do I ask for and how much would I expect to pay when running a small operation?

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what city are you from???
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Originally Posted by Tracey4

what city are you from???

I am in Missouri just outside of the capital city
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Oh, sorry, I thought you were in Canada for some reason.

I've been trying to reach our municipal office with no luck.

If any Canadians find out our laws over here for home based cake businesses, please post your findings!!
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I know lots of people have given advice but I just have to throw my two cents in. I live in Ohio, USA. The trick here is to not live in city limits. The state and the county are fairly disinterested in what is going on if it is small scale. All I had to do was get a vendor number (for taxes, $25.00) and have a state health inspector come to get liscenced ($10.00.) And i am allowed to advertise anywhere I choose as I am ligit. The requirements for a one oven, in house bakery were pretty lenient. No indoor animals, basic cleanness, ingredient lists printed out in case someone asks, etc. However, one mile away within the city limits no home, attached kitchens allowed. So if you have control over where you are moving I recommend just barely outside city limits. The fewer government people you have to go through, the better. Also, caterers have TOTALLY different rules. Take their advice with a grain of salt. The health inspector who came here made it VERY clear that I could sell cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, bread but not pizza, NO MEAT, etc.

Life is unsure- eat dessert first.
Life is unsure- eat dessert first.
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okay i called health dept. to day about this they told me the only thing i need to do is print out what's in my cakes and my name and addy. and that the items are from a home based baker that is it . if i have more them 5 stoves then and only then i will have to get a perment/licene (sp) but i'm not going to have more then 2 ever in my home...
i live in the city also..
so you should really call and just ask if i would ever like to start a cake business what do i need if anything....
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Ya know DianneKay, I remember hearing this same thing in Burlington NJ when I was there. A home based cake business (if you want to call it that) was told also since she's just one person and so on and so on, that for her to make sure everything is written down when someone wants a cake.
SO!!!! She makes up individual cake ingredient sheets (1 for choc 1 for vanilla and so on) she sticks with those recipes only for the most part, and when a customer asks her to do a cake she has her/him read the ingredient sheet for that flavor cake/frosting sign one, gives them a copy, and puts the original with the cake order. Then when they pick up the cake she gives them a copy of the reciept and the paper they signed has them initial the one the "store" keeps that she has picked up the reciept and ingredient chart. It helps her. But she isnt a big baker/bakery either she doesnt want a huge following until she is able to get into a bakery!

I hope this helps you and anyone who reads it...if I ever do something like this I will probably also do the same thing.
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icon_smile.gif hello all! i am trying to be legal, i have started a seperate kitchen in my basement then found out that i have to get zoned prob. except now i have to have a "special zone" which means i have to inform my neighbors and get their approval so i can bake cakes in MY basement. that alone is an 80 day process if there are on problems...then on to the licsence hoops. good grief....i just want to bake and sell my cakes. i already report earnings to gov. and pay taxes on that......just frusterated because "being legal" is a pain.
anyone else from kansas?
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Gawd, Oregon is easy.

All that's needed here is an inspector to come and evaluate your kitchen... be it a separate building, second kitchen, or - lucky me - your only kitchen. Got to meet sanitation requirements, which are basic, and maintain a second fridge/cabinet for bakery-only storage, which can be in a garage as long as there's no contamination risk from pesticides/chemicals.

And, under $5k in profits, the license is only $75 per year.

Let's see... Oregon doesn't do sales tax/tax ID licenses/resale license #s, only business licenses if you're operating underneath an assumed name. If you're not, then you don't need one, oddly enough. Oregon has a standing exemption - here, if you're dealing with a company that says that they need a resale ID #, they can kiss off 'cause we don't have them here. icon_biggrin.gif

All you have to do is report income to state if it's over something like $3k. I don't know, I haven't had to file taxes in years, being unemployed and then a student and all.

Of course, (insert generic disclaimer here), so take my $0.02 with a grain of salt.

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