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Oreo Filling

I was looking everywhere for an Oreo filling and only found one which would need to be refridgerated since it had heavy whipping cream. The cake was for a beach party and I needed something that could stay out. This is sweet, but oohh so yummy!

Oreo Filling


  • Two 7 oz jars of marshmallow fluff 1 cup shortening (non butter flavor) 2/3 cup powdered sugar 1 - 1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract 4 teaspoons VERY HOT water (this helps to make the fluff easier to spread) pinch to 1/4 teaspoon salt (not too much or it will taste salty not sweet - just enough to take some of the sweetness out, though.) 15-20 Oreo cookies crushed into small & medium pieces


  1. Combine marshmallow fluff, shortening, podered sugar, and vanilla in a medium bowl and mix well with an electric mixer on high until fluffy. In a seperate bowlCombine the salt with the hot water in a small bowl and stir until dissoved. Add to the fluff mixture mix on high for 30 seconds or so until combined. Fold in cookie pieces.
  2. Enjoy licking the bowl.

Comments (47)

Everyone really loves this filling. I have made it many times. It is so delicious paired up with the WASC cake also on this site. In fact I just got finished making a batch for an upcoming cake. I have not yet tried it with chocolate cake, but I am sure it would be terrific.
Making this for the filling of our chocolate halloween cake for DD's school! The filling is to die for. I couldn't stop eating it the last time I made it...neither could my husband. Thanks for a great recipe!
this is my go to filling for most cakes. I usually omit the oreos and just use it as is, but I've substituted graham cracker, nilla wafers, and all sorts of other things. THanks for sharing this great recipe!
How much filling does it make? I'm wondering how many batches I would have to make for an 11x15 sheet cake.
How do you recommend storing this if making a few days in advance?
Melamel, I refrigerated it, and it was fine. Just bring it to room temp before filling your cake.
I want to try this right away! Do I need to use a thin layer of BC first so that it will not soak into the cake? Or can I spread it as-is onto the cake? Hubby is an Oreo fanatic, so I'm sure we will love it! :)
I just tried this today, and it is delicious. I had some left over, and I've just been eating it with a spoon haha. Jenniboo...I didn't put any BC first. It seems to be a pretty stable filling. HTH =)
THanks jessahmir! I baked my cakes this morning and am about to make the filling now. Can't wait to try it. :)
This is sooo yummy!! it was a big hit with the family!
I'm so glad you all like this as much as I did when I came up with it :o) To answer some questions: NO thin layer of BC is needed, it doesn't absorb into cake like a fruit filling. Storage - you don't have to refridgerate. That was the purpose of making this filling. The content of everything in it has very long shelf lives. I have prepared it a week in advanced with no problems. Sorry for the late responses, I didn't see this as a new added feature here on CC. ~ Dawn
Originally it stated on the recipe that the filling is enough for a 9x13.
Very yummy! For those of you who are trying to figure out how far this recipe will go, I doubled this and it was enough to fill a 16" round cake.
Do you think this can be made with butter instead of shortening?
@KarenOR- I used 3/4 shortening, and 1/4 butter because I ran out of shortening :)~ and it turned out fine. This recipe is fantastic, thanks for sharing!
Do you think I could pipe this in the center of cupcakes? Is it too think/chunky???
Absolutely delicious filling! I paired it with chocolate cake, and it was perfect. It can be kind of thick but if you want fluffy you can turn to the recipe which calls for heavy cream, the only thing is that you'd have to fridge that recipe, so depending on what time of year it is, you can go with one or the other. It's soooo delicious and easy to make, thank you.
This couldn't be better!
This is great stuff! I just filled my 11 years old's b-day cake with it and the girls LOVED it. Thank you for sharing.
I made this filling last year and am just getting around to reviewing it. It was fantastic. My DH and I couldn't stop eating the leftovers. I have a cake order this weekend and am using this filling for a WASC w/Confetti. Thanks!
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