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Wedding - Crusting Cream Cheese Frosting

Just made a 3-tiered wedding cake with the cake flavors: red velvet, chocolate and pumpkin spice. The bride of course chose cream cheese frosting but wanted a fondant look without fondant. Called for a nice crusting cream cheese icing. So after trial and error, here's what I came up with. She wanted a cream colored icing, so I did add a dab of brown coloring to the mixture.

Wedding - Crusting Cream Cheese Frosting


  • 1 + 1/3 cup veg shortening 16 oz cream cheese softened at room temp (2 8oz blocks) 3 tsp clear vanilla extract 3 tsp clear butter extract 2 tsp clear almond extract or creme bouquet (or you can use 1 tsp of both - yum) 3 tbs meringue powder 1/3 tsp fine popcorn salt (or reg salt) 3 - 3.5 lbs powdered sugar 1/4c plain powdered creamer dissolved in 1/4 c very hot water (you may use flavored creamers, if you want to infuse a flavoring) You may not need to use all of the liquid.


  1. Cream shortening, softened cr. cheese and extracts, then mix in meringue powder and salt then add 3 tbs creamer mixture.
  2. Once everything is smooth, slowly add 3 lbs of your powdered sugar with your mixer set on a low setting. Mix on setting six or med-high for 6 minutes or so.
  3. If you need a thicker icing add more p. sugar. If you 'd like it thinner add more of your liquid. You probably know what consistency you are comfortable with.
  4. For crumb coating, take a few cups out and add more of the liquid to thin it out for your first coat. Let dry before applying your top layer of frosting.
  5. Once iced you can smooth the cake with a hot but dry spatula.(Dip in a very hot water and dry it before use). Let crust for about 20 minutes. I have been able to use the Melvira method with this icing utilizing both the roller and viva towels.
  6. You can see how this smoothed for me in my pictures it is the fall wedding cake with black ribbon and fall roses.
  7. This recipe will make a very white icing perfect for wedding cakes. If you want a more ivory cream cheese icing, substitute 1/2 cup butter for 1/2 cup shortening. Then the recipe will call for approx 3/4 c shortening, 1/2 c butter and 16oz of cream cheese.

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Sounds yummy!!! I LOVE cream cheese icing and can't wait to try this....
I just made this today, but I did not care for it. For my personal taste I feel like it had way to many flavoring in it. I will give it a try again with maybe just the vanilla.
I made this today using just the clear vanilla. Delicious and very nice texture.
Hi ladies, When I posted this recipe it was specifically for wedding cakes which I always have almond in the frosting. I'm glad to hear that you have found ways to adjust the flavors to suit you.
Since this has real cream cheese, how long can you safely leave it out? Can you frost a day or two before the cake will be served and the icing not spoil?
I have the same question as jfaulkner. How long do you leave out the cake before the icing spoils? I have a carrot cake due this weekend that I would like to use a crusting cream cheese frosting on. I need to ice/ decorate on Friday and am wondering if I would need to refrigerate overnight for a Sat. night party?
I frosted the wedding cake 1 day before the wedding and it held up fine. I understand that the powdered sugar helps to stabalize it. We refrigerated the few remains.
how long in the fridge would you keep it for later use
How much does this make??
Sounds wonderful! I have a winter wonderland castle to do and I am using this recipe to work with! I am pumped thank you so much for sharing!
Can you add a great amount of color to the recipe? My client wants a dark brown cream cheese frosting on her cake this weekend. I wasn't sure if the cream cheese frosting could be colored the same as a buttercream can.
Yes it can be colored just like reg frosting and when I recently did Cr. Ch. frosting I added cocoa to make it beige, I just added a little but you could add a bit more and then some coloring to make it dark and that would make it taste like it looked.
How much cocoa would I need to add to make this a chocolate frosting? I will also need to add black coloring to make a black frosting.
You can color and flavor this icing just like any regular buttercream recipe. Remember to color your black a day ahead as the color will intensify. A dark gray color will become black in a day.
I made this recipe on a red velvet cake and it turned out great! However I had extra icing and I refridgerated it and used it on another cake and then refridgerated that cake, but by the 2nd day the icing was sliding off of that one. The first cake was eaten the same day I made it, I don't know if I maybe didn't put enough powdered sugar or was I not supposed to refridgerate it? I love the flavor and that it crusts! Hoping to figure out what I did wrong.
how did the black coloring turn out on this type of frosting? was it a success?
Heather, I have not had it come off of a cake before. Maybe it needed more p. sugar.
can this frosting be used under fondant. I have a red velvet cake to do this weekend and I need to get started on it on Friday and I also am concerned with it not being refrigerated.
I just used a variation of this recipe for a three tiered wedding cake. It tastes great. It's a little different than a traditional cream cheese icing, I thought, but very yummy and wonderful. I only used vanilla extract rather than the flavored extracts and I used the substitutes to get a white icing rather than a cream colored icing. Really worked great except that I failed to use clear vanilla extract so mine did have a slight tint to it but was fine. I didn't find that mine really crusted like I expected it to so it was a little difficult to get a very smooth finish. Perhaps I didn't do something correctly or should have used more powdered sugar? Also the recipe is enough to crumb coat and ice a 3 tiered cake but I had to make a second batch to decorate the cake with. Just an fyi for anyone planning to decorate with the icing as well. Thanks so much! This recipe was a life saver and a keeper!
Made this today, yummy! I used 5 teaspoons vanilla and only 1 tsp. butter flavor. Made this with the cake box carrot cake on this site, so delicious! Thanks for posting :) We will see how it holds up without refrigerating the cake over night...nervous.
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