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Updated French Vanilla Buttercream

I posted a recipe awhile ago and have made some changes since that have made it even better! This recipe is almost pure white and crusts well.


  • 1 cup butter (room temp) 1 cup all vegetable shortening 8 cups icing sugar 1/2 tsp salt 4 fluid ounces of International Delight Coffee Creamer 2 fluid ounces unwhipped whipping cream


Directions 1. Cream shortening and butter until fluffy. Add confectioner's sugar and continue creaming until well blended. 2. Add salt and cream mixture blend on low speed until moistened. Add additional whipping cream if necessary (up to 2 ounces). Beat at high speed until frosting is fluffy.

Comments (140)

Oh my word! I looove this recipe! Thank you so much!
Tried it today for the first time....D E L I C I O U S!!! Thanks so much for sharing...
Your welcome ladies so glad you enjoyed it!
doing a birthday cake, wish me luck!!! thank you luvbuttercream for reposting!!
Good luck bug048 and no problem!
I am sorry to sound blonde, but what is whipping it fresh cream that you have in the fridge section of the supermarket????
An sort of thicker cream would work it helps make the frosting extra creamy and smooth.
Sorry I meant 'any'
I made a batch today for a baby shower, had so many comments. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe, this is defiantly a keeper!!!!
This was awesome and so easy to make!!! Thank you for sharing! I used this on top of a chocolate cupcake and had several people tell me it was the best they had ever had! Using again today for a birthday cake!!
I am new to this site.. first day :) Can i use this icing under rolled fondant? I am teaching myself the wonders of rolled fondant and molded creations... i have a real hard time covering the cakes with the fondant, but i am sure it will come in time, with practice. My biggest problem right now is finding an icing that i like to eat. I have made 2 cakes covered with fondant and 1 cake covered only with the butter cream icing, that one i kept for our family to eat .... i hated it .. the icing was so sweet YUK .. now i feel bad about sharing the first 2 cakes, thinking in my head that the cake is ruined from the so sweet icing. Any help would be fantastic. I have a fair amount of patience so trying numerous icings and techniques for fondants is fine. Thanks anyone who can help :)
dragonflycakelady: This recipe would do just great under fondant. I also dislike overly sweet frosting that is why I came up with this one. Hope you enjoy! Thank you Mel32 and JS605 for the wonderful comments and I am so glad you both enjoyed it!
I'm assuming the Coffee creamer is French Vanilla flavor? Depending on cake flavor, any flavored creamer would probably work. Ever try using another flavor creamer? thanks
LeeBD: I personally haven't used another kind but I assume it would work just great. I just think vanilla is so versatile so I use it often. I also just noticed that I did not specify that the creamer was in fact fr. vanilla. But it can be substituted for any kind.
luvbuttercream, I am planning to use your wonderful recipe for a birthday cake. I have tried so many recipes and they haven't brought me much luck. Therefore I have decided to give this one a try. Now my only question is can i add food coloring to it without changing the taste? I need to ice two separate cakes one will be royal blue the other lime green. Please let me know what you think. THANK YOU!
YUM! Just made this!
lisa: I use gel coloring all the time and have found the taste doesn't change much maybe just slightly but barely noticeable. Thank you jagvipers
does this buttercream crust?
fostergirl77: Yes it does crust. Enjoy :)
what is international delight coffee creamer?? is that like coffee mate??
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