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Sugarshacks Butter Cream for a 4 1/2 qt. KA

I have a 4 1/2 qt. KA and my hubby was "sweet" enough to figure out the amounts I needed for my mixer. With Sharon's permission I am posting this for everyone else who like me are not fortunate enough to have a 6 qt mixer YET! I copied and pasted Sharon's directions for mixing. Enjoy!


  • 2 lbs. 1 1/4 oz. Hi Ratio Shortening 4 1/2 lbs. Confectioners Sugar 3 3/4 Tbs. Flavoring ( I used Almond/Vanilla) 15 Tbs. Coffee Creamer/Water Mixture (Warm)


Instructions 1.Measure out or weigh shortening and put into mixer. 1.2.Add Creamer-Water mixture and flavorings. 2.3.Cover your Mixer with a Hand towel (will splash a bit) 3.4.Mix on LOW until combined stopping to get shortening off of handle when needed. 4.5.Once combined increase speed to MED (I used 3 on my KA) and mix until completely combined and completely smooth fluffing up a bit. 5.6.With Hand towel in place On Speed 1, add 1 pound of powdered sugar Mix thoroughly. 6.7.Add rest of powdered sugar in a steady stream on Speed 1 until all has been mixed in. 7.8.Once mostly combined. turn speed up to 6 for about 4-7 min. It will fluff up over the paddle. Once it has fluffed up so that it is end to end and you dont see any pockets of air it will be perfectly smooth (abt 4-7 min). 8. 9.Sugarshacks Icing is perfectly smooth, (Ive never made icing so smooth as this and I have gone through tons of it) doesnt need to be refrigerated, makes a big batch, and keeps for 2 weeks or more as it is non-dairy. Even after a week of sitting I dont have to rewhip it still the same beautiful smoothness as the first day. PS. Her How to Videos are AWESOME!! The best investment I have made since starting cakes! THANK YOU SHARON!!

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THANKS!! I have to try this ASAP!! I've heard so much about SugarShack!
Thank you, I've been meaning to attempt this size conversion, but hadn't done it yet. Now I don't have to. :)
I just made my 3rd batch, just wanted to let eveyone know that you may have to tweek your liquids a little, I had to add a little more this time. But otherwise still came out smooth and delicious!
Thanks so much. I have a 6qt mixer, but sometimes I don't need so much buttercream. I will now drag out my old KA mixer.
Thank you very much HobbyCaker!!! I also have a 4.5qt KA and I've struggled so much trying to adjust the recipe and so far haven't been able to get the perfect consistency. I'm eager to try yours!!! Thank you again!!!
Thank you Rosie2 for your PM. I did notice that the ratio of shortening to PS is not a 1 to 1, however these amounts worked for me, for those of you trying this, please post your outcome. I would love to know how it works in other areas and how much tweeking is needed. It it doesn't work out, then I can blame my DH, hee hee! I hope that others will get a good batch from this recipe, as I love Sharon's BC. I have tried halving it, but doesn't cover my paddle and it gets to much air. So please, good or bad, post your outcomes.
Are you using powdered coffeemate or liquid?
Does Hi ration Shortening mean Crisco ?
Please explain coffee/creamer water mixture. Just what is it? Are you talking about liquid coffee mate and dividing it with water to make desired amount?
Rosie2010- It is powdered coffee creamer mixed with warm water. arwa- Hi Ratio is NOT Crisco, I bought mine through a friend with a commercial account with a supplier. love2chat- Just mix the powdered coffee creamer with hot water. From watching Sharon's youtube tutorial, it has to be hot when mixed in,. HTH. Everyone should watch Sharon Zambito's (Sugarshack) youtube tutorial on mixing her butter cream. Very informative!
Thanks so much for posting HobbyCaker..Does it have to be the name brand "Coffee-mate" or can you use a store brand coffee creamer as well? Thanks so much.
Thanks so much for posting HobbyCaker..Does it have to be the name brand “Coffee-mate” or can you use a store brand coffee creamer as well? Thanks so much.
Runjorun, I use the store brand (Wegmans or Harris Teeter) all the time and it's fine. I have going to try this as I've been playing with this for awhile now with my 4 1/2 qt. Thank you for posting and I'll let you know how it goes.
Thank you so much Runjorun. Now I understand. I will log onto the UTube and tutorial on mixing her buttercream. Thanks again.
I'm still needing help with the right amounts of coffee mate and water. How much coffeemate and how much water?
Who do you think I could ask about a recipe for butter cream to be mixed up in one of those Hobart commercial floor stand mixers. We found one that someone was going to discard because it did not work anymore and my husband fixed it. So far it has been hit or miss with my results. I usually use a 3lb can of Crisco, 2 cups of water and flavorings with about 12.5 pounds of powdered sugar (I guess, it's half of a 25 pound of Chefs and Bakers powdered sugar)!
Thanks terrig007 for responding...just got back on my computer. Will let you know how mine goes. Thanks so much for posting!
Can someone please tell me how long this buttercream lasts outside? Also can i freeze it? Thanks.
If what I have available is crisco, will I have a pretty good result, or should I not even attempt this. Thank you so much for make this recipe available for us.
I just made 4 batches of this recipe - I used no brand shortening and it works okay, you won't get the super smoothness and non-greasiness that hi-ratio gives, but give it a try. I raised the amount of powdered sugar a little (maybe 1 cup?) and only used 3 TBSP of liquid. I used 8 tsp. of dry coffee creamer to the water to make the 15 TBSP of warm water mixture. My favorite combo of flavorings was 1 TBSP each of vanilla, butter flavor, and cream bouquet.
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