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Rolled Vanilla Fondant

Most fondants taste after some googling I found this wonderful Vanilla fondant recipe with an amazing taste. It is also the easiest Fondant I have made so far with a beautiful look to it as we'll.


Amount Ingredient
1 Cup Shortening (Crisco in can)
1 Cup Light Corn Syrup
1 Tablespoon Clear Vanilla Extract
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
2 Lbs 10x Confectioners Sugar


Step 1: Mix together shortening and light corn syrup until completely mixed. Step 2: Add salt and clear vanilla extract and mix. Step 3: Sift in confectioners sugar until the texture is dough like. *TIPS: Apply fondant on cake or store in air tight container to re-use fondant. Also keep room temperature cool..A warm room can result in condensation on the cake.

Comments (10)

You posted the same recipe as "Rolled Buttercream"--which it is. THIS IS NOT A FONDANT RECIPE. A true rolled fondant needs something that creates stretch, like gelatin (as in marshmallows), and retains moisture, like glycerin. This recipe has neither. Rae
I'll give it a try Jess, cause, I agree, most fondants do taste crappy. Thanks for sharing...
Like I said it was something googled...meaning this is not mine I found it. If it is labeled wrong then so be it. But it tastes better than fondant and acts as fondant.
This recipe is also on and is actually called rolled buttercream fondant. The video how to do it is on there and YouTube as well.
I have a great recipe for fondant if you would like for future reference.. I havent tried this one but thought I could share if you need..
Marshmellow Fondant
1 medium size bag mashmellow (1 lbs)
2 pounds icing sugar
4tbsp water
In a saucepan melt on low marshmellow and water
Place about 3/4 icing sugar over fully melted marshmellows.
Grease hands heavily.
Knead on parchemin paper and add remaining icing sugar until it doesnt stick anymore.
If tears add water.
I meant I havent tried yours but I love this one and it tastes good :) Goodluck :)
this is a Rolled Buttercream NOT Fondant, but this is also great for sugar cookie decorating. I personally would not ever use it on cakes, its very, very greasy and slippery. Its very unpredictable, its very loose unlike a true fondant that has nice movement and you can control it. You drop Rolled buttercream vs. Fondant, RBC will spread, as Fondant will not. RBC has a tendency to slide off cakes, I have seen it happen more than once. Rolled Buttercream WILL come up under Fondant because it is a Sugarpaste and covers cakes. You can flavor fondant so many ways, you can use oils, or extracts. You can combine store bought fondant with Rolled Buttercream too, and the texture is awesome plus taste is great. Try mixing 1/4-1/2 RBC with Wilton Fondant (yes, I said Wilton & I eyeball it) the Rolled Buttercream will give it awesome movement, and flexibility plus it taste good; that is if you give the buttercream flavoring.
i have used marshmellows and like it. Works well. It taste great too.
how long does it stay fresh?
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