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Rolled Buttercream

This is a rolled buttercream that taste better than fondant and looks great on cakes. I use it on all of my cakes. If you do not use exact ingredients the rolled butter ream will not come out great like cracking and etc. Also does great with coloring.


Amount Ingredient
1Cup Shortening
1Cup Light Corn Syrup
1/2 Tsp Salt
1 Tbsp. Clear Vanilla or Almond extract
2 Lbs. 10x Confectioners Sugar


Step1: Mix light corn syrup with shortening until we'll mixed. Step2: Add salt and vanilla or almond extract and mix. Step3: Sift in confectioners sugar until you get desired dough like texture that is not sticky. This recipe does very well when adding coloring.

Comments (50)

When I found this recipe it was labeled wrong. It is not a fondant. So I reposted with the correct name. It taste better than fondant and looks like it. But as I said it is not. Hope you enjoy :)
Can you add cocoa powder to make it into rolled Chocolate Buttercream?
Yes you sure can 1/2 cup of cocoa powder to be exact :)
Can you add butter instead?
I used your recipe today and I love it so much easier than MMF and taste much better too! Thank you for sharing
I am going to have to try this! Do you roll out and cover just like you would fondant?
can you put food coloring in it to change the color of the buttercream? if so how much and what kind?
Hmm...I think I will be trying this tomorrow for a cake that I have to make this weekend. Will it keep for a few days if it's wrapped up well? How will it hold up if I want to use an impression mat?
can i add glucose insted of corn syrup┬┐┬┐
I'm wondering the same as these ladies above. Please let us know. TIA
How is the elasticity compared to MMF? I always have trouble with non-MMF recipes stretching versus tearing.
Hey i am new here and i have to ask what is mmf? no clue. might try this since my fondant gets tears and rips.
Thank you for this recipe, I know so many people who like the fondant look but not the taste but they love butter cream so this will be a great alternative. You can also you the flavoring creme of bouquet which I call the birthday cake flavoring in place of the vanilla as another option. Can you tell me how long can the frosting be stored in this form and can it be shined the same way as fondant?
I really appreicate your assistance
I will definitely give this a try.
MMF is MarshMallow Fondant :0)
Sounds like the alternative to cupcakes topped with fondant. Love the look but not the chewy texture.
Very good recipe. Try half vanilla and half wiltons butter flavoring. more than ever like buttercream. Good Job JessMarie03
im going to try this for sure
do you roll this out and cover your cakes like fondant? can you add tylose to make gumpaste?
high jessie marie.

New to this site and British. What kiind of shortening, veg. butter or margarine. What's equivalent of light corn syrup. Can anyone else help. Can't wait to try it. Thanks.
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