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Marshmallow Fondant

This is the easiest fondant recipe I've ever used. The fondant has an elastic-like quality, which makes stretching without tearing very easy. The marshmallow flavor is a favorite, especially with the kids.


  • *1-16oz. bag mini marshmallows 2 Tbsp. water - more if necessary 2 lbs. powdered sugar 1/4 c. shortening *NOTE: If you can't find a 16 oz. bag, you can reduce your sugar by approx. 1/4


Combine marshmallows and water. Microwave on high approx. 45 seconds. Mix well. If marshmallows aren't completely melted, return to microwave for 15 seconds. Mix well. Heavily grease your rolling mat with shortening. Pour powdered sugar on mat and make a well in the center. Pour marshmallow mixture into well. Heavily grease your hands and work mixture together. Be careful -- marshmallow mixture may be hot. Knead fondant until smooth - greasing hands as necessary. Wrap fondant in plastic wrap and store in an airtight container up to 2 weeks. If fondant is stiff when ready for use, microwave at 10 second intervals until pliable.

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Try this to make it easier grease your mixing bowl, and and your dough hook, melt your Marshmallows, put 2/3 sugar in the mixing bowl, pour in your marshmallow, add a little. More sugar on top, insert your hook and mix until a soft. Ball. Take off mixer and knead till blended. Grease the ball and put away. This will keep your hands from burning. . Then g .
Can't wait to try this, my son LOVES marshmallows and thinks it's cool to add color to the frosting. Thanks for the recipe and the tip with the kneading hook!
This fondant is out of this world. The taste is great and it is easy to work with. I love it.
A great way to make this better is add a little "Princess Cake and Cookie" flavor and lemon juice. You must cover your hands completely with Crisco to really be able to knead it smooth.
Hey, KDSteach -- how much Princess flavor and lemon juice should be added? Does it just depend on taste? Thanks for the tip. I have some Princess flavor at home and have never used it.
Sorry but I am new, what is princess flavor and where do you buy it? I am in South Florida. Thank you!
Thanks for the recipe! I'm going to make it today! Does anyone know how much it make? Going to make a 3D football helmet cake for the first time for my husband and fathers b-day! Want to know if it will cover it? Using 2 9in. Rounds and a soccer ball pan! Thank you!
I made it but it is tearing as I need it what do I do?
when mine was tearing to begin with I added more powdered sugar, and rolled out on top of Crisco on cabinet. The recipe for the fondant will make twice as much as you buy in the packages in the store.
Hi have been looking for a MM fondant recipe. Thanks. I will definately try it for my Easter cakes.
I use this same recipe, for myself I found that if you put it in the fridge over night and set it out about an hour before using it, It works a lot better (I put a little corn starch on the counter before I roll it out).
Can anyone tell me what "Princess Cake and Cookie Flavor" is? Thank you.
This is the only fondant I have ever made and used. People either love it, or hate it for eating (it's usually the texture they don't like). I make it by hand... all my kitchen aide ever does is wind it up on itself no matter how much grease. I can make a full batch by hand in 10 minutes now. Tips: If it's all one color fondant, mix your color in the melted marshmallows before adding sugar. Let the marshmallows cool a bit before adding it to sugar, or sometimes the heat will make little sugar lumps. Grease the bowl you heat the MM in, to clean fill with water and let it set about 5 minutes. Also, I don't use any water or grease in my fondant. Over greasing it will make it nasty, and the water just causes a mess (sticky). It'll come out just fine with MM and sugar. HTH anyone, I encourage you to try it!
If it's tearing, you add just a bit of Crisco shortening.... make a ball out of the fondant, lightly coat the outside of the ball... just enough to make a shiny sheen. Work it ALL in before adding more. Too much Crisco makes it a greasy nasty mess. I recommend not using Crisco unless you absolutely need too. Princess Cake Flavor has a light, nutty taste, accented with overtones of citrus and rich vanilla. You can look it up on the internet and buy it as a flavoring to add.
I like to add butter flavoring to make it an almost buttercream-flavored fondant
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Princess Cake and Cookie flavor is also known as "Princess Emulsion." It would be available at a bakery supply store or online.
REDKANDY, all I ever use is marshmallow fondant. You can look at my pics, the majority of my decorations are just fondant, I hate gumpaste! I don't use very much crisco, only a small amount on my hands. I never manage to get all of the powdered sugar worked in, it depends on the humidity of the day, but usually have at least a cup or 2 left. I do a pull test, you want it to break away while still just a little stretchy. I also wrap mine tightly in plastic wrap and let sit on the counter overnight, I never refrigerate as it makes it quite hard. THe key when ready to use is to KNEAD until soft and stretchy, you will find that MMF cracks and breaks apart quite easy at first, just keep kneading and it will get very nice and smooth.
Never really made fondant before. The recipe says good for two weeks in an air tight container. Anyway to keep it in the refrigerator or freezer maybe to make it last longer. Thanks for any answers I get.
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