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Lemon Cake Starting with a White Cake Mix

I used my white cake recipe to make it into a lemon cake. I do not like the fruit cake flavors in the mixes, because to me it just tastes too much like the candy artificial flavoring than the fruit itself. I also needed a lighter lemon cake to pair with a lemon fruit filling and lemon buttercream. The cake turned out great and you can taste the real lemon which is what I wanted.


  • 1 box DH white cake mix (this is my brand preference) 1 box of lemon instant pudding mix (the small box) 1/2 tsp of pure lemon extract Zest of 1 lemon 1 cup of sour cream 4 eggs 1/3 cup of oil 1/2 cup of water (I squeezed the lemon to get all the juice and added water to make it 1/2 cup)


Mix cake mix, pudding, water/lemon juice mix, oil, sour cream, eggs, extract and zest for 30 seconds on low and 2 minutes on medium. Bake as you normally would. I like to bake my cakes at 325.

Comments (11)

Is this enough for two 10" round pans or what will this cake make???
would it be dense enough for a top tier of a wedding cake? she wants a lemon cake with blueberry filling....? Thanks!
I tried this and it is awesome!! It isn't so overbearing that you can't eat it. I put it with a blueberry filling and lemon BC icing, Big hit!!
This is wonderful! Everyone absolutely loved it! I used a creamy raspberry filling and BC. Yum!
I made this for the first time this last weekend, and I absolutely loved it. I used this recipe as one of the flavors for my boyfriend's parent's anniversary party -- used a raspberry filling/swirl. Everyone really liked it; it was very flavorful but not overpowering. Even those that weren't big fans of lemon liked it. I plan on keeping this one.
This was good I made cupcakes...about 26. We loved them!! Thanks for recipe.
I made this cake for a friend for her birthday and everyone loved it. Only problem is now everyone is requesting it. 5 stars
Made cupcakes as a test run for a birthday cake. Flavor was wonderful-not too strong. Will definitely use again!
Flavor was wonderful, but the cakes fell. Went from nice and high to the texture of a poundcake. Followed the directions carefully. Anyone else have the cake fall?
Used this recipe for a cake and had rave reviews. Thanks for sharing. I will use this again. I have never been a fan of lemon or strawberry cake mixes but this recipe has made me a lemon cake fan.
Did anyone ever answer what size cakes this one recipe makes and whether or not it withstands fondant? Hoping to use for a weekend cake.  Thanks in advance! 
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