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This recipe is quite popular in the Spanish speaking community.


  • 4 sticks of salted butter (Hotel Bar) 2 cups of granulated sugar (Dominoes) 12 eggs (6 yolks/ 6 whole eggs) 3 cups of All-purpose flour (Pillsbury, all purpose, bleached and enriched) 2 tablespoons of baking powder (Davis Baking Powder, double acting) 1 cup of pineapple juice (Dole 100%) 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract 1 tablespoon of lemon zest


Preparation: Before you start it is very important that the following steps are done: * The butter needs to be at room temperature * Measure the sugar * Separate 6 eggs (save egg white for the "Suspiro" Meringue) * Sift the flour and mearure * Measure the baking powder and sift * Measure the juice * Measure the vanilla extract * Prepare two baking pans 10x2 with PAM baking Spray for baking or grease and flour the bottom of the pans * Preheat oven to 350F Cream the butter on speed 2 (with paddle attachment), add the sugar and increase the speed to 4. Let it cream until the mixture is light and creamy. Start adding the 6 egg yolks, one by one until each yolk disappear. Then add the 6 whole eggs one by one. Include the vanilla an let beat for 12 minutes. When the 12 minute are up-lower the speed to stir. Alternately, add the flour and liquid mixture in three turns, starting and ending with the flour. Do not over beat at this point, just enough to combine the batter (about 10 seconds). Also add the lemon zest in the last 10 seconds. Divide the batter into the two prepared pans and take to the oven for about 35 to 45 minutes or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean. Tips: * The Original recipe calls for 4 cups of flour, but I prefer only using 3 cups to obtain a lighter cake. (Try it both ways and see what works for you best). * You can use 100% pineapple juice, 100% orange juice or milk. * I mention the brand I use so this way a rookie will be able to know exactly what to purchase. But you can always try the recipe with other brands. Now, I do always recommend to first try it out exactly like I call for before adventuring out with other brands. * Once your cake is out of the oven- cooled for 10 minutes and then wrap with plastic. This helps the cake stay moist and juicy. * We never freeze or refrigerate Dominican cake. But you can bake it 2 days ahead and keep it wrap in a cooled room.

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I have tasted this type of cake and it is amazing! What do is that icing that is put on it? It is almost a marshmallowy spongy type of a taste.......
The icing is an Italian merengue, we call is suspiro. The most popular filling we use is pineapple preserve and guava. :)
thank u soooo much for the recipe....i use one that is similar but uses less eggs and i add 2 tablespoons of brugal dominican rum for a little extra kick :)
Sounds great thank you, I do have a question what is hotel bar for the butter? Thanks again for the receipe.
love dominican cake.... do you have the recipe for the suspiro i will love to try it with the merenge.
hotel bar is the brand of the butter
and would also love the supiro recipe if anyone has it
actually suspiro is different than italian merengue, the italian merengue has butter and suspiro doesn't. Here is the recipe for Suspiro 12 oz of granulated sugar 4 oz water a few drops of lemon juice ( to make sugar stable) 1 Tsp of Vanilla extract 1/8 Tsp cream of tartar ( optional, use it if you are nor used to making merengue, I find that cream of tatar it's kind of salty so watch the salt) 1/8 tsp Salt. Make sure the egg whites are room temp for better volume. Put the sugar, water and lemon in a sauce pan and turn the heat to high ( do not stir, to avoid crystalization ). When you see that bubbles are starting to form, add the egg whites, salt and cream of tartar to a mixing bowl (make sure bowl it's nice and clean, free of any grease) Start whipping the egg at high speed until it forms stiff picks. by this point your sugar has completetly dissolve in the pot and it's boiling ( it should be at 240 or it will scramble your eggs) don't let the sugar get any color, it needs to be clear. Lower the speed to very low (stir or 1 in kitchen aid) and slowly pour the hot syrup, as close to the inside of the bowl as you can to avoid splashing. Once all the syrup it's in increase the speed to 10. The merengue will get marshmellowy as it beats.. continue beating until the bowl it's cool to the touch or it will water down. That's it. TIP for Icing .... I have learned that the best way to ice with this frosting, it's to always frost in the same direction and do a very thin crumbcoat with a crusting American Brutter cream. Enjoy !!! Anna
P.S The ABC goes under the suspiro ! I will be posting the merengue recipe as an individual recipe. @ Cindy, you read my mind, I was about to post it.. Question, I just read a recipe where the egg whites were beaten seperatly, like for a sponge cake.. It was really weird for me.. have you done it like this?
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
hi, can i decorate this cake using fondant?
@ Smanan Yes you can decorate using anything, it's a very moist cake but also firm enough to take the weight of fondant.
What is a "stick" of butter ??
Standard American butter often can be purchased in a pack of 4 sticks equal to 4oz each. The it's broken down to that size for convenience. The entire package is usually 1 pound.
Tried it this week and everyone loved it!!! Thank you!! :)
can suspiro go under fondant?and what is the best filling for this cake?
Hi everyone!! The type of icing we use is Suspiro (Meringue), and yes you can frost the cake with suspiro over night and cover with fondant. Luvlyrics : the one you mention with folding of the beat egg-white...I call it Pudin Dominicano. And will be more spongier using this method. The best filling or the most popular for this cake is Pineapple, Guava, strawberry and dulce de leche. Yes...the 4 sticks of butter equals 1 pound. Luvlyrics recipe for the suspiro is fantastic!! And I am so glad you all like the recipe!!
A friend of mine has asked me to make them a Guava filled cake my question is what kind of guava do you use? Can you use the Goya kind and how do you prepare it or do you buy it somewhere. Almost all of my cakes are pineapple filling it's my families favorite.
Hi LuzSaida- am sorry I just got to your question!! Yes- i use the Goya brand which you must thin down with water.
Oops- I just re-read luvlyrics suspiro recipe and I notice now that the amount of egg whites is not there. For a 12 oz of sugar its 4 oz of egg whites. Also- you should never crumb coat a cake with buttercream if you are planing to cover/decorate with Meringue. The buttercream will curdle the Meringue. Crumb coat with the meringue- also known as suspiro. @luvlyrics- thank you sweety for sharing with us your suspiro recipe!! Lots of hugs and blessing for you!!
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