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Diabetic Icing for Decorative Icing

Diabetic Icing for Decorating Icing -

Diabetic Icing for Decorative Icing


  • Powdered sugar relplacement: 2 cups nonfat dry milk powder 2 cups cornstarch, 1 cup granulated sugar replacement. Combine all ingredients in food processor or blender - whip until blended and powdered. Icing for decorative frosting: 1/4 cup solid shortening 3/4 cup powdered sugar replacement (see above) 1/2 tsp clear vanilla extract 1 Tbsp milk


Cream shortening and vanilla together until light and fluffy. Stir in powdered sugar replacement and milk until mixture is well blended. If frosting is too stiff, adda few drops of milk. Tint as desired.

Comments (7)

1c granulated sugar replacement is that suppose to be a sweetner or use granulated sugar? Thanks
can i use here (substitute) 1 cup of sucralose instead of 1up granulated sugar?
I'm guessing granulated sugare replacement would be something like granualted Splenda.
I did not have near the good turn out that I had hoped for with this recipe. It tasted too much like powdered milk; even though I made sure that my powdered sugar replacement was as blended as it could be. Definitely can't be used to decorate a cake. Glaze it maybe but not decorate.
I had to add a lot more milk to it than was stated here, and I didn't like the taste(too much like powdered milk) but my mom said it was fine for being sugar free, so I used it to make drop flowers on a cake, they hardened up nicely and I had no complaints from my grandparents. I will probably use again to do small decorations.
tried something similar, has too much of a raw sugar taste
Look into erythritol and stevia herbal supplement for diabetic sweeteners. The erythritol can be powdered and stevia added to make it sweeter. These are more natural than those nasty chemical sweeteners like splenda and such. I have had luck with these, though not exactly like sugar:( My husband (with type 1 diabetes) would prefer this to a huge blood sugar spike and doesn't have to take as much insulin! I'm not sure about type 2 diabetes.
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