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Crusting Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

I developed this chocolate recipe as a result of needing a crusting chocolate that could withstand the Texas heat. After I started a thread about ways to use Indydebi's recipe to make a chocolate frosting, I have experimented with the different ingredients and have come up with a frosting that I love. So yummy I can eat spoonfuls at a time. Sinful to the waistline! Easy to smooth and crusts beautifully!

Crusting Chocolate Buttercream Frosting


  • 1/3 cup butter 1 cup Crisco 3/4 cup chocolate milk (I use white milk with Hershey Syrup added in) 1 heaping tsp instant coffee (added to the chocolate milk) 3 Tbsp powdered Dreamwhip 2 lb minus 1 cup powdered sugar 1 cup cocoa powder


  1. Cream together the butter and Crisco. Add the cup of cocoa powder and Dreamwhip and mix until smooth. Then add the powdered sugar and milk mixture slowly to avoid the splash factor. I usually beat it all a good 5-10 minutes or until very smooth.
  2. (If I am making a cake that will sit outdoors in the heat, I use all Crisco. Otherwise, I use the butter and Crisco.)
  3. Enjoy!

Comments (33)

In Puerto Rico dont sell Dreamwhip. What can I used to substitute that ingredient. Thnks,
Dream whip is whipped cream.... if you cant buy an already made whipped cream..then you can google how to make your own.
Marvan704 - I am unsure of what could be used to substitute for the Dream Whip. Sorry. Jeepfreak33 - Using whipped cream will not give you the same consistency. The Dream Whip must be used in powder form. Hope this helps.
im having to make a cake that will be fact on a boat..its going to be a grooms cake..if i omit the butter should i add butter flavor??
You don't have to add the butter flavor. It is all up to preference. I honestly couldn't tell much difference at all with flavor when I used all Crisco. The main difference was me being more comfortable with knowing the frosting wouldn't soften or melt. It probably would have been just fine with the butter in it but I didn't want to chance it.
Im wondering if I could sub. Choc coffee creamer (i use powdered creamer mixed w/ water & then flavor w/ choc syrup) for the milk so I wouldn't have to worry about spoilage from the milk, and avoid having to refrigerate?thoughts on this anyone?
LOVE this recipe!!! Thanks for sharing momtofourmonkeys!!!! I made it for the first time this weekend and used it as a filling---people LOVED it!
CakeDiane- Thank you for the compliment! Kimelderbarton - You can use the powdered creamer with water and syrup. I am not sure how it may effect the taste. On the other hand, you don't have to worry about the milk spoiling. All the ingredients work together to keep the spoilage from happening. I have had frosted cakes on my counter for days at a time without any spoilage occuring. No refrigeration needed unless the cake itself needs it.
I love this receipe! Thank you so much for posting it. It is sooooooooo good.
Where do you find the dreamwhip in the store? I usually shop at Walmart Super Center.
I love this recipe! I used chocolate raspberry coffee creamer in place of the milk and added a little raspberry swirl compound and it was awesome!
Dnrlee - the raspberry variation sounds absolutely wonderful! ShelleyMJ - were you able to find the Dreamwhip?
WOW WOW WOW! I made this frosting and it is sooooo Yummy, I filled the Amazing Chocolate Cake with the Costco (Small version) Mousse, and ooooohhhhhh ooooohhhhh my! Thank you!
On (makers of dream whip) you can do a search for the product in your area. I'm looking forward to trying this recipe! I usually shop at walmart but it didn't show up in the search but homeland did in my area so I'll be making a trip there. Hope this helps others too.
What size cake will this recipe ice?
I have never measured out the exact cups but I can generously ice an 8 inch round and have icing left over to put in the freezer for the next time I need it. HTH.
This is a great recipe! I did find that i neededa little more powedered sugar to make it stiffer, but the taste is fantastic! And you are right about beating it so long. Takes away the grittiness and makes it so smooth!
Thanks Sanche99! Dnrlee mentioned the raspberry variation above. Another one is adding orange extract to the icing. Tastes like those chocolate oranges (chocolate candy) that you can buy. YUM! For anyone that tries this recipe, please rate it. The first few that tried it and didn't use the correct ingredients, or didn't understand it, may have given it bad scores because the reviews from above don't at all match the rating votes that have been cast.
I am wondering if there is a coffee taste at all? I need a chocolate frosting recipe for a 8 yr olds birthday party and i am decoratinga dog that is laying on it's belly so the tip that frosts like "hair"
Sipot, there is no coffee taste!
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