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Creamy & Firm Strawberry Cream Cheese Filling Perfected

I submitted my original recipe last year but several people had trouble with it. I think it may have had something to do with the fact that I was using a dinosaur of a microwave and while my instructions worked well for me, they didn't work so well for people with newer, higher wattage microwave ovens. So I finally set to work to make a foolproof version. It turns out great no matter what size or wattage microwave you have and it's firm and stable enough to keep inside of a frosted or fondanted cake for 2 days without refrigeration. So if you are decorating a large wedding cake that may take a couple of days, this is perfect. This recipe is enough for a thick layer of filling in a half sheet cake and a 9" or 10" round.


  • 1 cup water 2 small pkgs strawberry gelatin 4 8oz pkgs cream cheese at room temperature 1 16oz pkg frozen sweetened strawberries (thawed)


Put one cup of water into a clear glass bowl--don't subtitute. Microwave on high until it boils. Add the two boxes of gelatin and stir with a wooden spoon or rubber spatula until you can smear the mixture against the side of the bowl without seeing any granules. It should be clear and red. This step will take a few minutes. Add the strawberries and mix well. Let this come to room temperature. DO NOT refrigerate. Cream the cream cheese in a stand mixer until fluffy. Add the strawberry mixture a half cup at a time until it is well blended (it will be a little thin). Refrigerate for an hour or more or until ready to use. This filling is very yummy with WASC as it is not too sweet.

Comments (75)

Is strawberry jello boxes the same as strawberry gelatin ?
ooh! sounds yummy, can't wait to try it. thanks ladyfish!
How can the cream cheese stay out for several days without spoiling? I would love to try this for a fondant covered cake but was under the impression that a cream cheese buttercream is what is needed as the powdered sugar acts as a preservative so that it does not go bad? Anyone know?
Tug--Yes, strawberry jello is the same as strawberry gelatin. Either is fine. Fairmaden--The filling will not spoil as long as the cake is covered in frosting and/or fondant, and should not be left out more than 48 hours. If you mean more than two when you say "several" then no, I would not leave it out for several days. The cake should be in an air conditioned environment also. In my experience, when doing a fondant covered wedding cake--which usually takes a couple of days, it has worked out very well and has never broken down or spoiled. It is cheese, after all and has less tendency to spoil than do other foods :) I hope this helps answer your questions.
Thank You Ladyfish, I am definitely gonna try this one then!
Ladyfish could you please tell me how many grams a packet of strawberry jello/gelatin is? This sounds so yum! I can't wait to try It!
bakescupcakes, There are 85 grams in a small pkg of gelatin here in the states, so you would need 170. Are you in the UK?
I can't wait to try this - would this be considered a mousse filling?
No, it's really too dense for a mousse.
ladyfish74 can this be frozen?
Can you pipe this filing into cupcakes?
This filling is awesome. I used it to fill a straberry cake and my family fell in love.
Thanks bobmiss! My family and customers love it too. Yes memawjo, I would think you could pipe this into a cupcake. I don't know why it wouldn't work and yes bobmiss, this freezes quite nicely!
Oh and bobmiss, please leave a rating for this recipe if you haven't already. Thanks!
I have rated u a perfect "10" And thank you for sharing this.
I tried this recipe because I was sick and tired of oozing strawberry fillings when so many of my customers ask for it!! I am hooked!! This recipe tasted just like the traditional filling I was using before MINUS the oozing! I love it and it is so easy to make. On an interesting note, I had extra and wasn't sure it would freeze so I made a graham cracker crust and used it as pie filling for a strawberry-refridgerator pie. I took it to a family BBQ and everyone ate it up. That makes this recipe good for multi-purposes too, which makes it a plus in my book!
so greatful that i tried to find another strawberry filling and came across your update.... i was one of those people that struggled with the old one. cant wait to try it again....... thanks
I wonder if you could use raspberries instead I hate strawberrys
This tasted amazing!! Only problem is that even with a dam, it seeped out of my buttercream in this hot Texas heat :( Probably wasn't the recipe, since it only happened on delivery, but still ruined some of my icing. I put it in the fridge for a bit and it was solid! :) Tasted delicious and I will definitely use again (and keep temperature in mind)!! My husband was even eating it out of the bowl.
Just want to thank everyone for all of the lovely comments. My hubby likes to eat it out of the bowl also lol. Becca, here's a little trick I learned from Sharon Zambito. Put some buttercream in a bowl and knead as much powdered sugar into it as you can. It should be stiff enough to touch without being sticky but soft enough to still go through a bag and tip. Use it for your dams. Nothing seeps through it and you can mold it, roll it, repair breaks, etc..with ease.
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