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Creamy and refreshing raspberry filling

I was looking for a raspberry filling that was not too soupy and that didnt soak into the cake as much. After several experiments I came up with this concoction. Since this became several customers favorite, hopefully you guys like it too.


  • 1 8 oz Cream cheese softener 1/3 cup of milk ½ cup confectioner sugar 8 oz cool whip ½ envelope Instant white chocolate pudding 1 cup frozen or fresh raspberry


Mix the cream cheese and milk until smooth. Add the rest of ingredients and mix a high speed for couple of minutes. Can be refrigerate for up to a week. Tips: You may sub the raspberry for any other fruit.

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does the cool whip become liquid? do you use this with frosting?
I have only been able to find sugar-free white chocolate instant pudding, can this be used?
What is cream cheese softener?
Hi, to answer your questions; *The frozen cool whip (Thawed) doesn't become liquid, and I only used this as a filling. You can use your regular icing. * Regular instant vanilla pudding can be substituted for the white chocolate pudding * Softened cream cheese( room temperature) Hopefully this helps!
do you mash the raspberries before adding them or just add them whole?
Hi, yes you add them whole and blend well.
This sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe. One question before I make it and decide whether or not to double the recipe.... have you tried freezing the filling?
Hi ycknits! I have not tried freezing the filling yet, but have left it in the refrigerator for up to ten days with it staying fresh. :)
How much did this make/wht size cake did you fill?
Sounds delicious....will try it asap.
@Casper, Walmart carries the regular white chocolate pudding mix.
Delicious! I could literally just eat it off a spoon. In fact, maybe I'm doing that right now....I'll never tell! ;) Awesome recipe Lillian, thanks for sharing! :)
about how many cups of filling does this make? I'm making a cake for my neice's birthday party this weekend and i need to know how much supplies i need before i go shopping.
what size instant pudding pack do you use? and how much filling does this recipe make? thanks! sounds delicious!
I used this filling in a German Chocolate Cake last weekend. It was DELICIOUS! Thank you for posting this recipe. :) I plan on using this as my favorite raspberry filling and may try other fruits later on.
Recipe sounds great. Thanks so much for sharing it. Sounds yummy.
This sounds amazing and will be trying it tomorrow. Are you able to keep it out or does it need to be refrigerated? I will be using icing instead of cool whip.
I am looking for the answer to the same question as long can a cake be unrefrigerated with this filling?
hi! i'm wanting to use this recipe (i'm substituting strawberries) as a filling in a devil's food cake. could i use chocolate instant pudding mix instead?
Hi lady's! Sorry I took so long to answer your questions. The longest I have left a cake out unrefrigerated using this filling is two days. Also, I have never used a different chocolate pudding in this filling, if you do, please let me know how it comes out. Lastly, the pudding packet is 3.4 oz.
Cake Central › Recipes › Creamy and refreshing raspberry filling