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Chocolate mud cake (double mix)

hi there this is a great quick and easy mud cake that does a 2 tier cake so i thought i would share it with you all xoxo

Chocolate mud cake (double mix)


  • 625gm Butter chopped 2 Tblsp Instant coffee powder 500gm Dark chocolate chopped 5C. Caster sugar (very fine granulated sugar) 3+3/4C. Hot water 3+3/4C. S.R Flour sifted (self raising flour) 2+1/2C. Plain flour sifted 2/3C. Cocoa powder 5 Eggs 1/2C. Rum 2C. Raisina roughly chopped (i dont always use the raisins but its up to you)


  1. STEP1)Grease a deep 25cm round cake tin and a 17cm roud cake
  2. tin. Sift in a large bowl all four,s and cocoa powder and put
  3. aside. In a saucepan combine Butter, Chocolate, Caster
  4. sugar, Coffee, and Water together and stir over low heat
  5. without boiling until smooth.
  6. STEP2)Once that is all comined and the sugar has disolved take off
  7. heat and let cool till just warm. Gradually add the dry
  8. ingredience and combine well. Addeggs one at a time
  9. mixing well, Stir in the rum and add the raisins and mix
  10. thoroughly. Pour into pre-pared tins and bake in oven at
  11. 150 degrees for about 2+1/2 hrs for the 17cm and 3 hrs
  12. for the 25cm or once the skewer is clean cool cakes in tin
  13. Happy Baking xoxo

Comments (5)

Could you please tell me what size tins you would use for the two tiers ???? Thanks Leanne
Hi there, is this cake firm enough to cover with fondant?
help! my oven does not go to 150 degrees.
never mind. you are talking Celcius. that would be 300 F.
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