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Chocolate Kahlua filling

I made this fo a wedding consultation tasting between chocolate cake. This was their favorite. Very yummy!

Chocolate Kahlua filling


  • 1 cup heavey whipping cream 1/3 cup sugar 1 package instant chocolate pudding 1 tbsp Kahlua


Mix heavey whipping cream and sugar on high until nice and thick. Turn off mixer and fold i pudding and kahlua. Refrigerate for atleast a half hour to make nice and thick.

Comments (12)

Is this a filling that has to stay refridgerated even after put in the cake?? Sounds yummy
Do you sprinkle the dry pudding into the heavy cream or do make the pudding and then fold it in?
ok do you use granulated sugar or powdered??? and what happens if i use the kind of pudding you cook?
Ditto on all the questions, please answer for me too- but I wonder if I can use vanilla instant pudding?
I use instant pudding ( any flavor) folded in dry. Yes, keep cold. I use granulated sugar.
you can use in pudding flavor you want
OK i will try this... do you think i can use a lil more khalua ???
I found a cake mix with Khalua and Bailey's, going to try it with this as the filling.......I think it will be yummy
I made this with a few variations and it was AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for this recipe. My only complaint was that I didn't have any leftovers :(
I made this with a hint of cinnamon and it was VERY good!!
I would love to use this for a wedding cake i am doing in August. Does it need to be refrigerated after the cake is filled? Wedding cakes usually sit out for awhile.
Cake Central › Recipes › Chocolate Kahlua filling