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Chocolate Ganache 1

If you use these proportions your semi sweet ganache pipes beautifully and has texture of truffles, but must refrigerate for at least 1 hour before piping

Chocolate Ganache 1


  • 8 oz (240ml) cream 1 tbls butter (optional but makes it stay really shiny even after refrigerating) 1 oz sugar 12 oz (340 g)chocolate Footnote White chocolate use nearly double the chocolate to cream 240 ml cream 455 g white chocolate


  1. Break chocolate into 1/2 oz pieces and place in stainless steel bowl
  2. Heat cream, butter and sugar to boiling. Pour over chocolate and let stand 5 minutes. Stir from center out until smooth. After refrigerating 1 hour then fill your piping bag
  3. Or use to ice your cake by pouring or spreading (allow to cool to room temp first)

Comments (52)

recipe makes approx 2 cups
This is the best ganache, I always use this recipe.
I use this topped with strawberries....delicious!
This is the only ganache I use, thanks!
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but this wouldn't pipe at all- either it was too hard, or it melted in my hand and would run out. It did taste good and spread well though :)
can i whip this to make whipped ganache?
What kind of chocolate is used? Semi-sweet or milk chocolate?
use bittersweet (which is why I added sugar to the recipe, makes it a little more kid friendly) or semi sweet. you use milk chocolate the proportions are different
can you put fondant over it?
this may be a silly question, but what kind of cream? light cream, heavy whipping cream???
heavy whipping cream
what would be better proportions for milk chocolate?
would love to try this recipe. is it ok to use whipping cream . thats all I have here.. and its snowing so it means i won't be going out...and for the sugar did you put in a tablespoon?? thanks for the help
metweety6- whipping cream is what she's referring to. And if you're using bitterweet I'd use a Tablespoon of sugar and that seems to be okay with me. If you're using semisweet I'd omit the sugar.
Would also like to know if this can be used under fondant, i.e- would it make fondant sag or show lumps?
Ganache is a wonderful canvas for fondant. Alot of people use only ganache under fondant to get crisp, clean lines.
does anybody know how long this can be left out? Or does it need to go straight in the fridge??
It can be left out (in the bowl) if the surface is completely covered in plastic so it doesn't set up. If it's on a cake and you want it to set up before putting fondant on it, yes it's best to leave it out. Use a light coating of sugar syrup on the sides (only) of the cake to help your fondant stick to the ganache after it has set. Sharon Zambito has some great videos on this method. Her cakes are flawless.
If i was going to use unsweetened chocolate how much sugar should I put in? Thanks!
Fabulous! Tastes great!! I used semi-sweet chocolate.
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