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Chocolate Decorator's Buttercream

This recipe makes a creamy and smooth chocolate frosting. It pipes well, and will yield a good "crust" after setting out for a while. I always try to base coat the cake the night before, and in the morning I can do the VIVA thing with this! You can also use the wet-hot spatula method to smooth it.

Chocolate Decorator's Buttercream


  • 1 cup unsalted butter, softened 2 squares unsweetened chocolate 2 T. light corn syrup 1 lb. Domino powdered sugar 2-4 T. lowfat milk


Place butter in mixer with paddle attachment. Beat for about 2 minutes until very creamy. Melt chocolate in microwave or over double boiler. Stir in corn syrup. Add chocolate mixture to mixer bowl, and process for about a minute, on low speed, until butter and chocolate are mixed well. Speed up mixer to 4 and add powdered sugar slowly. When fully incorporated, stop mixer and scrape bowl. Whip frosting again, and add milk until of desired consistency. You may or may not need to use all of the milk, depending on humidity.

Comments (20)

this frosting is absolutely fabulous! I just made it today!! Oh my goodness, I couldn't stop eating this from the spoon! Thank you so much, this will be my go to chocolate frosting. A few things, I didn't add the corn syrup because I forgot and it still was sooo easy to work with. Secondly, I didn't like the color (malted milk chocolate brown) so the next batch I added cocoa powder (quite a bit, I didn't measure it) and it made it a marvelous dark chocolate brown color and it was still yummy as can be!! I might even prefer the taste with the cocoa powder added. Thank you so much for posting this:))
this sounds yummy. Can i do it with white chocolate. Thanks
I have been looking for a chocolate BC, can't wait to try it.
When I made this I thought it was just like any other chocolate frosting but when I piped it on the cupcakes and tried it on a cupcake it was awesome. I will definitely make this again!
Oh my, my, my! How delicious this is! I compare it to fudge candy, only it's on a cake which is even better! PERFECT for decorating. It goes smoother than my regular buttercream! I also added a little cocoa powder to mine to darken the color, as well as a little wilton icing coloring. Icing smoothed out perfectly with the warm water/spatula technique. Thanks for sharing!
Best choc frosting on the site. Ever. The color darkens with time and the consistency/flavor is awesome. Wet-hot spatula trick works wonders and also darkens the final color. Rich, light, delicious. What more can you ask for?
Made this chocolate buttercream for my daughter's father for his Bday. It's a simple recipe and it taste delicious. I love it and so did he :-)
I made this last night to use on some double chocolate-cupcakes that a client has commissioned. I just realized now that I forgot to add the milk, but I think it’s because when I added the chocolate/corn syrup mix to the butter everything was so liquidy, even after adding the icing sugar (which I sifted first). Like other reviewers I also added cocoa powder, not sure how much…maybe about ½ cup to ¾ of sifted cocoa powder…regardless of the mishaps this turned out WONDERFULLY, the buttercream actually tastes like chocolate ice cream! Will definitely add to my baking roster and use again.
Im making a chocolate cake for a picnic and i was wondering if it is stabilized to be outside. would it melt?
OMG....just made this frosting.....yummy!!! This will now be my GO-TO recipe for a chocolate icing.
This is a winner! Warning: can be eaten by the spoonful! Very easy to put together and work with! Love it! Thanks!!
I'm going to try and make this for a cake this weekend. However, I'm unsure of what "2 squares of chocolate" means. What size of squares?
FYI, chocolate squares are 1 oz by weight each.
I love this recipe and I use it almost exclusively for my chocolate butter cream, except I use semisweet chocolate and I double the chocolate. Sometimes I whip it up with heavy cream instead of milk which gives it a more lush consistency. You can eat this stuff with a spoon!
Have now made this twice. Wonderful recipe. Thanks for sharing.
i just used this recipe for a cake for the first time. It was for a friend who asked me to make a cake for her sister in law's babyshower. the taste was awesome.. i did have to play around iwth the amount of powder sugar as i didn't have it weighed. however. i put the leftover in the fridge. I just delivered the cake today and haven't heard any feedback yet. My concern is i just noticed how hard it got in the refridgerator. I know it's decorator's buttercream but i figured it would be great to use inside the cake as well since the request was chocolate buttercream. By the time the cake was delivered it was out for 2 hours and i'm sure it would be out for at least 2 to 3 more hours. PLease someone tell me that this filling softened to a buttercream consistency by the time they probably ate it. I'm so nervous now.....
This tasted great and was super easy to make. My only complaint has already been mentioned--the color. I had to add chocolate brown food coloring to mine because I really was looking for a milk chocolate looking frosting. Once made, this frosting ends up being somewhere in between tan and brown. Not very appetizing. But, overall, I was pleased with this and will probably make again.
I just made this and it was really good. The only complaint is that my batch came out really thick and the color was not solid some areas looked darker than others. I think I should of added more milk and whipped it more but otherwise it was still very delicious. I could use some help on the color and consistency.
Great Recipe! I substituted the milk with heavy cream and it came out delicious Thanks :)
im not sure what domino powdered sugar is?
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