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Best every super moiste melt in your mouth cake

This is a recipe to what you would add to any cake you make from a box. I definately recommend doing this to every cake you make it definately makes a difference and people will not be able to stop eating it.

Best every super moiste melt in your mouth cake


  • 1 small box pudding mix add 1/4 cup water add 1/3 cup oil


You add ingrediants just like it says on the box and then you add these ingrediants as well. Mix all together and bake at normal time at normal temp. I recommend using whatever pudding you like and mix it up sometimes like trying a banana pudding with vanilla cake to give it extra flavor or a chocolate fudge pudding to a fudge marble cake to give it an irrestiable taste. Im sure that its fattening. but worth it.

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Would you be able to add this to cakes made from scratch?
i never use box cakes, can this cake be made from scratch/
instant pudding???
Can you add this to a box cake that says pudding already in it? I don't usually have a problem with yummy moist cakes but thought I would give it a shot...
use the same size cake pan mentioning on the cake box? or different size bec of the quantity
I've done this before, you can do it to cakes made from scratch too and it I used instant pudding. It makes it super moist.
I tried this added to a box mix, it wasn't done in the middle and it didnt turn out very well. I even added alot of extra time to my baking.
I do this all the time - everyone loves the cakes! I add a box of pudding mix and an extra egg. No one even realizes it is a box mix :)
I take a yellow box cake with out the pudding and add 1 lg van pudding 3/4 cup water 3/4 oil 6 eggs one at a time. Everyone things my cakes are from scratch. I am still working on that
I forgot I also put a little butter extract and Van extract in with it. Very good a moist.
i would buy the snack pack puddings and put it in there do you think that would work plz update soon and does anybody know where i can find cake decorating classes for cheap:)
This is a really good recipe... I have baked cakes from this recipe and its really good....
you are telling me I can bake a cake from scratch and then add the extra into the batter?
I use all of the above, except I replace water with milk.
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