Yes, you read the title right, this butter cream DOES NOT contain sugar, but it itasts good. This is a buttercream recipe that I came up with and it tasts great and easy. Honestly, I am NOT an expert as most of you here in CC, i am just an amateur trying to apply what I learn from and improve myself. I don’t know how long this bc can be frozen as it contains many diary products

BC without SUGAR!!


  • 1/3 cup butter ( room tempreture)
  • 1 smal can ( almost full cup) Buttermilk
  • 3 triangles chees
  • milk ( as much as you need to reach the desired consistancy)
  • 1 Cup Ice cream poweder ( it is a powder base to make ice cream by adding milk and you can get them from any super market )
  • Wipping cream powder ( optional)


  1. Mix butter, cheese traingles, and buttermilk with electric mixer, then add a little bit milk, and start adding the ice cream powder gradually and keep mixing until it is creamy. If you wish you can add more milk to reach the consistancy you want. Of course, as this butter cream contain cheese, it is not too sweet. You can either add 1 tbs corn syrup or 2 tsb wippinig cream powder to kick the sweetness up a notch. I prefer to keep it as it without corn syrup or wipping cream if the cake i am using is chocolaty. That way there is balance and cake is not overpowering the whole taste.
  2. HAVE NO IDEA WHATSOEVER! but it does taste good and most thing that taste realllllly good are not thaaaaaat good for us.


sansony118 Says... 2009-09-01 00:51:57

Dear All, I made a TINY mistake in the aforementioned recipe due to translation, I mean that the recipe includes HEAVY CREAM INSTEAD OF THE BUTTERMILK. SORRY AGAIN!

GAILEMI Says... 2009-09-11 08:14:36

What are cheese triangles?

Mette72 Says... 2009-11-06 08:29:51

I´am going to try this, but i´m from Denmark and i´m not sure i can finde "ice cream poweder" in my super marked, but i hope this will work :-)

juju04 Says... 2009-12-23 18:06:40

I am going to try this. My father in law is diabetic and this would be great when i make cakes. Thanks

butterflywings Says... 2010-03-31 07:22:33

FYI - it is not totally without sugar. Ice cream powder & whip cream powder both contain sugar.

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