This is my favorite icing to use as far as tastiness goes, but it is a little hard to deal with on account of all the butter. The icing gets very smooth and some people have thought it was a cream cheese icing from how it looked. One lady asked me to make an Oreo frosting, so I used this recipe and then broke little pieces of Oreo cookies into it and mixed it up well. That actually spread pretty well over the cake, but of course, you wouldn’t be able to do any decorating with it on account of all the chunks of Oreos! One other thing I should mention is that, on account of the butter, this icing is not a pure white color, but more of a cream color.

The best tasting icing I’ve ever had!


  • 2 lbs powedered sugar
  • 1/4 cup white flour
  • 1 1/2 cups butter
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  • 2 tsps. clear vanilla

  • 1 tsp. almond extract
  • 1/3 cup water


  1. Mix half of the powdered sugar with the other first 3 ingredients. Then, add liquids and the rest of the sugar. Don’t overbeat this icing or you’ll get air bubbles, just mix it well. This recipe can be used for decorating…

If you’ve ever read, Nourishing Traditions, this recipe will not seem so unhealthy to you! Most people would be shocked to hear that real butter is good for them, but it’s true…


trixe371 Says... 2009-09-11 08:55:42

I tried it it was great!

mamaof3cutiez Says... 2009-10-03 20:23:45

Oh my gosh! This frosting is so smooth and tastes wonderful! It's my absolute favorite of all the recipes I've tried! Thanks for sharing! :)

mrsjah Says... 2009-10-15 19:46:51

My husband is my picky when it comes to frosting. I found your your Buttercream frosting tried it now I have a husband that can't keep is spoon out of it so I can frost the cakes. I will be using this for a wedding on Halloween, I had my bride and groom try the frosting, they liked it but wants cream cheese to the forsting anyone have any ideas. mrsjah

FloraFlora Says... 2009-10-23 20:23:41

I'm a newbie... Wondering about the flour in this recipe. What is the purpose of the flour? Won't you taste raw flour in this frosting? Thanks!

jtd275 Says... 2009-11-29 12:31:49

Flora, I tried this recipe with the same concern. The answer is NO. You do not taste the flour. This was a good icing. I believe the flour cuts down on the sweetness of the taste just a little. thanks!

joyfullysweet Says... 2009-12-02 06:26:49

Does this recipe crust?

RhondaTammaro Says... 2009-12-06 08:10:48

I am curious as to whether this recipe crusts as well? Does anyone know?

Thanks for your help!

ladybugtk Says... 2009-12-10 10:49:21

This may be a dumb question, but with the butter do you need to keep the iced cake refrigerated?

all_about_desserts Says... 2010-03-26 14:17:12

I used this recipe to do a family members cake and I love this it's not overly sweet and it's very easy to make. I now use it with everyone cake or cupcakes I make. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe.

Roway Says... 2010-08-10 20:33:10

I love this recipe. Easy to work with. Not to sweet. Just right!

Lemmers Says... 2010-09-02 05:58:29

I just made this icing to top some caramel cupcakes and it was delish!!! I had run out of all purpose flour so used cornflour instead, but so far no problems! I also added a tbs cocoa to the water before mixing in to get chocolate icing and it worked nicely :)

Lemmers Says... 2010-09-17 06:41:21

Just had to say I used this again yesterday on top of chocolate cupcakes, but replaced the water with orange juice and it was GORGEOUS! Thanks again!!

Butterfly325 Says... 2010-09-29 21:04:38

Love it! Tried it out for one of the tiers on my sister-in-law's wedding cake and it's perfect! It does crust, it's actually the first icing I've used that crusts. I did use whipping cream instead of milk and added coconut extract for my pineapple-coconut cake and it tastes delicious. I'm definately using it for the rest! Thanks!

yums Says... 2010-10-12 10:59:38

I found this icing to be very sweet. I used whipping cream instead of the water, still not a big fan.

stickernoodle Says... 2011-03-28 21:19:47

Mmmmm.... only icing that doesn't make me feel sick by the time I'm done decorating! Still hungry after hovering over this delightful concoction! :) thanks!!

Mytwosweeties Says... 2012-01-30 06:34:58

Love this recipe! Can anyone tell me how long the icing lasts in the freezer or fridge. And can you keep it at room tempertaure? I left it at room temp and it did well. Thanks!

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