Pretty Good White Cake with strawberry filling or without.


This is a pretty good cake that took me a while to make a white cake that was moist with good flavor, the problem i have with alot of white cakes is that they are too dry or too tastless. but this recipe makes u want to eat more and more especially with strawberry filling, yummy!

Pretty Good White Cake with strawberry filling or without.


  • I got Pillsbury white cake mix box
  • used all the ingrediants it tells you too, the recipe without egg yolks.
  • then i added a tablespoon of instant vanilla pudding mix and a tablespoon of mayo. yes mayonaise. trust me you can’t taste it at all.
  • another great idea for the filling is using a jar of strawberry jam mixed with about a tablespoon of sweetend condensed milk and a tablespoon of powdersugar and some cut up strawberries. mix all together and then add as the filling when your all done.


  1. then you cook it like normal, maybe even a little shorter time depending on your oven. and it tastes great.

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Thanks enderud3577... this looks like just what I have been looking for! But I have a question about the tablespoon of instant vanilla pudding mix. Do you add one tablespoon of the dry unprepared instant vanilla pudding mix or do you add one tablespoon of prepared instant vanilla pudding mix? I'm looking forward to trying this recipe out .. thanks again!


I tried this recipe after trying so many white cake recipes that were dry! I did omit the vanilla pudding and added just a touch of almond extract. I did add the Mayo. and this cake turned out perfect! Moist, but not mushy moist. I did use a lemon filling instead of a strawberry. Thanks!

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