This is the Butter Cream recipe that my cake instructor gave us. Each batch makes 10 cups of frosting.

Yummy Butter Cream


  • 1 lb of softened butter (4 sticks)
  • 3 lbs (sifted) Powdered Sugar
  • ½ cup Sweetex Shortening (1 cup in the summer)
  • ½ c. water or milk
  • 2 tsp. other flavoring


    1. Mix butter & shortening for about 4 minutes (med/high)

  1. 2. Add sugar 1 to 2 cups at a time till all is mixed (low) (If too stiff, add some of the milk/water)
  2. 3. Mix in rest of liquid
  3. 4. Mix on medium speed for 5 minutes, then high for 7.
  4. **Because of the butter and/or milk, this recipe needs the refrigerator. But it can be left out for 2 days.**


Emily1621 Says... 20 Mar 2010 , 6:21pm

Hello, Where do you get your sweetex shortening I have heard about it, but I cant find it?

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