Cake truffles

(also known as cake balls) is a very easy desert that will blow your guests away they will not keep their hands off them…….. trust me

Cake truffles


  • any type of left over cake
  • and butter cream icing (it will be pretty colored but it is perfectly fine if its not)


  1. put ypur leftover cake into a bowl and make it into crums with your fingers (wash them first) then you can put just a glob of icing into the bowl with the cake crums stir it up then take out a little scoop and roll it into a ball the bal should be about 1 in. then dip it into CHOCOLATE!!! just dont fight over them

can be addicting

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Hi, thanks for the recipe... I'm trying to make cake truffles but not using icing maybe some mexican "cajeta" or condensed milk, have you tryed that out?? plase tell me how it go :)


Really any type of frosting would work. I've used cherry juice and cream cheese before and then dipped in chocolate--kind of like black forest cake. Tasty!

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