Chocolate Bar Pie Filling


This recipe is traditionally a pie filling but I use it as a filling for my cakes. It has the taste of chocolate icecream with the texture of a mousse. This is a very versatile filling as you can do it as a white chocolate as well, or add flavorings, or nuts, or candied fruits, crushed peppermint candies…just about anything. I do a rocky road version as well.

Chocolate Bar Pie Filling


  • 6 – 1.55 oz. chocolate bars (Hershey’s is my favorite for this pie) You can also do a dark chocolate version by using Special Dark Hershey bars.
  • 46 Large marshmallows – Jet puff brand works best, do not use minis as that has too much cornstarch and will not give the same results. Make sure the marshmallows are very fresh.

  • 1/8 cup milk

  • tsp. vanilla
  • 1 1/2 pints of heavy whipping cream
  • any other additional ingredients you like to the finished product (ie: nuts, chocolate chips, candies – be creative)


  1. In a grease free, perfectly dry, glass bowl break 6 chocolate bars into pieces, add the marshmallows and milk. Microwave on 50% power in 1 minute intervals, stirring after each heating session until all items are melted and incorporated. Allow to sit on counter until perfectly cooled – absolutely no heat what so ever! DO NOT PLACE IN REFRIGERATOR OR FREEZER THIS WILL RUIN THE MIXTURE. This can take awhile depending on how hot a day is. You can melt the ingredients in a double boiler as well just becareful to not let any water get into the mixture as it will ruin it.
  2. While the mixture is cooling place the heavy whipping cream, mixing bowl and beaters into the freezer to get super cold. Do not however allow the cream to become frozen just super cold.
  3. After the mixture is completely cooled (it will be very sticky and somewhat firm) Whip the cream until stiff peaks. Add the chocolate mixture and mix on high until completely incorporated, do not over mix as you will get soup instead of a fluffly consistancy.

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I tried this for my son's b-day cake - everyone loved it!! I am trying to come up with something simple for the leftovers!!


I made this for my daughters birthday cake and everyone loved it! It is very messy and sticky when you make it, but worth it!


Sooooooooo yummy! I could eat this whole recipe by myself (= I did share though (well, a little bit) Thank you so much for sharing the recipe with us.

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