Super Buttery Buttercream Icing Supreme


To create a fluffy, super buttery tasting, not too sweet buttercream icing follow this recipe!

Super Buttery Buttercream Icing Supreme


  • **NOTE** This icing does not crust EVER!
  • Ingredients: 1 Egg white, 1 pound of salted butter softened to room temp – yes I said SALTED , 2 sticks of Crisco Shortening-white (try to find the the ones that aren’t transfat free, they work better, do not use the butter flavor sticks!), 1/2 cup to a cup of cornstarch, 1 1/2 pounds of confectioners sugar (get the kind in a plastic bag, do not use boxed confectioners sugar), 1/4 tsp cream of tartar, tsp. vanilla extract, 1 to 2 oz. of softened cream cheese, or 1 to 2 table spoons super cold sour cream.

  • A tip on the butter: The all time best butter to use is the Great Value brand from Wal Mart. It has the perfect moisture balance necessary. The only other butter that comes close to this is Land O Lakes butter. I have tried every butter brand on the market and all others have too high of a water/moisture content, and you end up with frosting soup.


  1. Crack the egg and use an egg separator to separate the white, do not use the shell as it is the shell that carries the salmonilla bacteria, and don’t wash the eggs prior to use either, they are pourous and the bacteria will wash through the shell if you run water over them. Let the egg sit to room temp. Add cream of tartar and beat on high until you get a stiff meringue. Then scoop out 2/3rds of the volume and discard, sorry but this is the only way to get that correct amount of meringue. Add the butter, shortening, and vanilla. Mix base on high just until smooth, do not allow to over beat as the paddle on your mixer will become hot and effect the icing. Then add the cornstarch, if the day is humid or you are in a humid area add the full cup, if you are in a cold or dry area use the 1/2 cup. You may need to add more later to get to the right consistancy. Then add the entire amount of confectioners sugar, mix on low until just combined, then turn mixer on high to get a fluffy consistancy, again do not mix for too long as paddle will get hot and melt your icing. Now that you have a good consistancy, taste the icing. It should have a soft whipped cream like texture and a sweet, but not super sugary taste. If too soft add a little more cornstarch DO NOT ADD MORE SUGAR! Once the right consistancy add the softened creamcheese and beat on high until fully incorporated, again start with 1 oz, if the butter flavor in the icing pops out at you then your good, if you still don’t quite taste that butter add another 1/2 oz at a time but no more than 2 oz. It will now have a very buttery sweet taste. Sour cream can be used as sometimes the cream cheese will have small lumps that just never will incorporate (especially in cold climates or cold days) But you get better flavor results with the creamcheese.
  2. It takes awhile to get use to decorating with this icing, it is soft, but it will work beautifully. Does not hold up well to heat at all. You can dust iced cake with a thin layer of cornstarch and smooth using the Viva method, but it is very time consuming to do so. This icing works beautifully with fondant.

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UPDATE - I have changed this recipe! INSTEAD of Crisco shortening use Hi-Ratio shortening and you can now use the entire amount of meringue instead of disgarding. Now it holds up better to heat due to the hi-ratio shortening. Use equal amounts of butter to shortening (1lb. each for one batch of icing.) It is not as soft using the hi-ratio so the "learning curve" on using this icing is no longer necessary. It behaves like most buttercreams and holds up well to piping.


When you say "you can now use the entire amount of meringue instead of disgarding" are you referring to the entire egg? Also what is Hi-ratio shortening? is this a brand? I"m looking for a recipe for buttercream that will hold up in hot weather. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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