Mousse filling


I use this filling for almost all my cakes in some version. You can use any flavor of pudding mix you want. My favorite is the cookies and cream pudding mix and then I crumble up more oreos in also. yumm!

It becomes very thick but is a very stable filling you won’t have any problems with it bulging.

Mousse filling


  • 1 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • one box any flavor pudding mix


  1. With a mixer whip the cream slowly adding in the sugar until thickened. Not quite as thick as you would for whipped cream topping. Fold in the dry pudding mix until well combined. Refridgerate for about 10-15 mins to let set up to a nice thick mousse.

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This is really a great recipe! I used white chocolate pudding mix and paired it with raspberry jam...delicious! It has opened up so many filling options for me. Can't wait to use this one again.


Yes the small box of instant pudding, its regular granulated sugar. And on the whipping i've never timed it, just until it starts to thicken, not to the point you would for whipped cream though. It doesn't really matter if you over whip it, it will still firm up once refrigerated. I do refrigerate my cakes with this filling if its going to be an over night thing. but it is fine to sit out for several hours. I've had out in the cake for about 5 hours and it was fine. I've never tried longer.


So this will hold up overnight in the cake, right? I'm curious, could you melt with white choc chips in it, too? Also, how about folding some jam in at the end, too. Does anyone think it would hold up filled overnight? I want to fill the day before, but don't want it to run into my ganache frosting.

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