Mint lovers cake!


I made this cake for my moms birthday, Instant hit for anyone who loves mint.

Mint lovers cake!


  • chocolate cake mix {I used two boxes because everyone wanted matching cupcakes but this recipes is easily cut in half}
  • 2 bags of grasshopper cookie
  • 2 jars sundae fudge
  • my butter cream icing recipe
  • mint flavoring not peppermint
  • 1 bag of Andes mint baking chips


  1. I prepared the chocolate fudge cake mix both boxes and added the entire bag of Andes baking chips into the batter 2 .Then baked the cake as directed. because my cake was very thick it took almost 60 minutes for it to bake..
  2. I poured the 2 bags of graahoppers int gallon sized sealable bad and rolled with rolling pin untilll cookies entirely crushed.
  3. then in a large bowl i added the 2 jars of fugde to the cookies and stirred and set aside.
  4. Then i amde my icing I always use the same recipe you can use a differnt one and flavor it mint if you like
  5. —–Whip 3 TBsp of meringue powder and 3 TBsp of water ina small bowl till stiff peaks form, mix that into a larger bowl with 6 cups powdered sugar,mix then add 1 and 1/2 cup crisco in.stir and add Tablespoon by tablespoon of water untill you get the desired consistency, Beware wth out the water right away you will breka your mixer becasue it is soo thick,i just broke mine today-this made just about enough to cover the cake and cupcakes. thsi recipe is good for cakes i love it bc it crust nicely}
  6. then u pretty much know the rest i torted the cake leveled the top and filled in the layer with the fuges and crushed grasshopper mixture.then iced..alot of people warned me about the mint icing being too much you will ahve to try it on your own though and ifnd out. i loved it becase the cake was chocolate and with the fudge it was ALOT of chocolate.this cake was actually pretty simple//enjoy

    not very healthy///i would recommend just forgetting the thousands of callories you ar consuming and enjoy it! i did

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My whole family LOVES this recipe!!!! I do use my own icing recipe, but the cake and filling are awesome! If you like chocolate and mint theres no way you want love this recipe, its the best!!


I used this recipe to make cupcakes for a Christmas party but substituted candy canes for the candies listed here. (being Christmas I wanted the peppermint flavor). They are a Huge success! Will be making these again on Christmas for dessert. Thank you so much.

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