I have been experimenting a lot lately to come up with an alternative to buying expensive premixed gluten free flour and makes light textured cake. This recipe produces a light flour that bakes similarly to cake or pastry flour.

Gluten Free Flour Substitute


  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 3 TBLS cornstarch
  • enough rice flour to equal 1 cup

  • OR

  • 1 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1/2 c cornstarch
  • 2 1/2 cups rice flour

  • *I use a rice flour from the Indian Foods Aisle at my grocery store as it is way less expensive than other brands, although there are no labels indicating there has been no cross contamination. I discussed this with all my brides and none were concerned.


    Mix everything together and sift at least 4 times! Sifting is KEY.

  1. Use in any of your regular recipes.
  2. This was developed at an elevation of 2192 ft in a dry climate, you may have to experiment a little to get best results for your area.


ColdinWPG Says... 20 Nov 2009 , 9:54am

Next time you're at the library, you might be interested in checking out Bette Hagman's "The Gluten-Free Gourmet" books. She has come up with quite a few gluten-free flour blends that are appropriate for different things. In my experience, there is no all purpose gluten free flour that works on everything. This is a good recipe, though.

LaughinLashes Says... 2 Feb 2010 , 9:52pm

Wow! I'm impressed. Thank you for your work. 10 stars for effort.

katerpillrgrl Says... 18 Feb 2010 , 6:38pm

Would you say this measures cup for cup like flour?

jennajane Says... 9 Feb 2011 , 7:14am

I used this to replace the flour in my go to chocolate cake, and everybody loved it. It didn't have the typical starchy-ness of most gluten free products, tasted very similar to when I use normal flour. I made a single 2" layer and was able to cut it in half and fill and stack. It is the book cake in my photos. Also I used the same replacement for the cornbread I made. One guest thought it was the best cornbread he ever ate. The whole meal, chili, cornbread and cake was a huge success!

heavenlytiers Says... 25 Jul 2011 , 3:02pm

THANK GOODNESS SOMEBODY KNOWS SOMETHING! I have been all afternoon on google looking for recipe's and they all had about 5 different types of things to mix together! I'm so happy I found you! I called my local store just now and they have the xanthan gum....I was a little taken aback to hear them say it was $14.00! But, I'm gonna go get some and give it a try! I'll keep you posted on how the Red velvet cake I'm making turns out! ;)

yer_1fantasy Says... 2 Aug 2011 , 1:09pm

Iam so happy to have found a flour substitute! Not only will this open up my ability to eat cakes and cookies again, but other foods as well. Thanks so much for sharing. Love making cakes and now at least I will be able to enjoy them again. Hugs to you!

Andrea0730 Says... 1 Sep 2011 , 11:53pm

ColdwinWPG is right, Bette Hageman is a god-send for those with Celiac disease or wheat allergies.

mlckkc Says... 24 Jun 2012 , 8:35am

Hi there,

I have never made anything Gluten free, but a friend of mine needs Gluten free. Would 2 cups of flour = 2 cups of this mix?? Any help would be appreciated :) Thanks a bunch!

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