Mocha buttercream filling


for all u coffee buffs! this is soooo much easier than making the mocha icing recipe i found on this website. just DONT cover ur whole cake in this. it might be too overpowering. use this in a chocolate cake. its like eating a java chip frappaccino. yum!

Mocha buttercream filling


  • 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of mocha extract OR 1/2 to 1 shot (oz) of espresso (depends on how strong of a coffee taste u like), 2 cups of buttercream icing, 1/8 cup milk chocolate candy (i used hershey kisses), chocolate cake


  1. chop or grate chocolate and set aside. torte chocolate cake while still pretty hot. sprinkle chocolate where the filling will go. mix icing and extract or espresso until well blended. let cake cool completely and the fill cake with icing mixture. super easy!

uh, its chocolate and coffee. as long as its good, u can pretend its good for u!

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not sure what I did wrong, but this separated on me from too much liquid. I remade it with just the espresso powder and a bit of cocoa and it turned out much better.


This separated on me too and didn’t have any espresso flavor until I added espresso powder directly in. Overall didn’t have a great taste and I ended up throwing it out.

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