This is an awesome chocolate mmf that actually tastes chocolate. It’s also great for making black because its already dark and you need very little to get it black.

Rhond’as Ultimate Chocolate MMF


  • 15 oz. mini marshmallows
  • 2 T water
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp lemon juice (fresh or bottled)
  • 2 tsp light corn syrup (helps w/ pliability)
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 to 3/4 C dutch processed (dark) cocoa
  • 6 C confectioner’s sugar, sifted
  • 1/2 C Crisco or vegetable shortening
  • ** I have found that I have to use less sugar because of the cocoa.


  1. Grease microwave proof bowl w/ Crisco. Also grease wooden or heat proof spoon. Pour marshmallows and water into bowl. Microwave for approximately 2 minutes stopping and stirring at 40 second intervals. Mixture should be soupy.
  2. Take out of microwave and immediately add corn syrup, cocoa, lemon juice, salt and extract. Stir well. Sift confectioner’s sugar into mixture, one cup at a time. After approximately 5 cups, grease your hands well with Crisco and knead the mixture in the bowl. Add the sixth cup and continue to knead. Now grease your work surface well and turn mixture out of bowl onto counter and knead well. If mixture seems soft, add one additional cup of powdered sugar.
  3. Shape into a mound and put a coating of crisco on outside. Double wrap in cling wrap and insert into ziplock bag. Press air out of bag and seal. Allow to rest overnight, but, can be used after sitting for a few hours.
  4. Hope you like it!


loves2bake4six Says... 2009-09-23 11:53:10

is the crisco just for greasing or is it part of the recipe?

bakingmama18 Says... 2009-11-15 19:46:16

OMG! it is the ULTIMATE! Rhonda, thank you soooo much, this mmf is not only delicious, but its a pleasure to work with.

brikl Says... 2009-12-06 12:05:03

This has a pretty good taste but I think I prefer natural cocoa to dutch process. The color with the dp is darker, of course. The consistency is good.

susanscakecreations Says... 2010-02-02 09:48:54

I've made this recipe many is AWESOME!!!!!!!! So easy to work with, and the taste is FABULOUS!!!!! Tastes just like a Tootsie Roll!!!!!!

Thanks for a wonderful recipe!

King-Girlz Says... 2010-02-02 10:04:49

15 oz of marshmallows is approx how much?

rcolson13 Says... 2010-02-07 12:29:23

I made a double batch of this today and the comments are tastes like tootsie roll! Thank you for a fondant recipe that I finally like enough to cover a cake in it. I wonder if melted white chocolate can be added instead of cocoa powder?

wildflower_girl Says... 2010-02-28 10:55:23

king-girtz, mini marshmallows come in 10 oz bags. So that would a bag-in-a-half of mini marshmallows. HTH

dreyna16 Says... 2010-06-17 14:15:51

I just made this recipe two days ago and I really liked it. It was so easy to work with. Thanks for the recipe

jamsie Says... 2010-06-22 09:34:20

Two questions - I'll post it here and on the regular MMF recipe, so I hope no one minds, but I hope to find out before Wednesday (6/23)...

1. Can you cut this recipe in half to make half as much or should I just make the entire amount and throw the rest away? 2. My microwave died a few weeks ago. If I have to melt the marshmallows in a saucepan (or do the double-boiler method), will it change the consistency or not work as well?

LisaQ Says... 2010-07-23 11:13:30

Can you fix the title of this recipe so it shows up in the results list when someone searches for "Rhonda"? Because it's mistakenly spelled Rhond'as instead of Rhonda's, it won't come up in a search for Rhonda or Rhonda's.

NamsKohli Says... 2010-10-18 03:44:20

I just made this and it's AWESOME!! Absolutely yummy and it seems really piiable.. This is my second attempt with fondant(first one being a total disaster) am gonna wait till tomorrow to see what it's like to roll out and work with. Thanks a ton Rhonda!! Loves2bake4six - the crisco is only to ensure that nothing sticks. My preference completely but I would avoid the lemon juice next time

auntlizzie Says... 2010-11-14 16:08:59

i have found that the dutch process cocoa is not that easy to find in the local supermarkets, can you tell me if you can substitute the same amount of hershey's cocoa instead?

s_mhammad Says... 2011-03-01 18:56:08

I just tried this recipe and so far seems like it went well, even though I haven't applied it to my cake yet. I halved the recipe but still used a lot more icing sugar than called for. Great taste and will post back with how well it works on a cake.

babylittrell Says... 2011-04-23 10:58:08

Maybe a dumb question, but does anyone know what the lemon juice is for? I mean, what does the juice do for the fondant? Gets a better texture or is about the color, or anything else? Where I live, lemons are really acid, that's why I'm wondering if this could affect the flavor in any way. Thank You!!

bakerscakery Says... 2011-05-05 10:35:07

Great stuff. A little sweeter than I would have liked, but the best recipe for a great product

noni12601 Says... 2011-05-12 20:07:22

What size of cake will this recipe cover ? Do I have to use the lemon juice ? Thanks :-)

luckyblueeye Says... 2011-05-18 15:34:43

I just made a batch of this, and it tasted soooo good! I almost wasn't able to put it in the fridge because my kids just wanted to keep on "sampling"...tastes just like tootsie roll. I added brown gel color into the soupy mm and stirred well before adding anything else. The color contains corn syrup and glycerin which should help preventing cracking. I used regular size mm and adjusted the amount of PS to what felt right (I mixed the cocoa powder into my PS before adding it). Can't wait to try covering a cake in 2 days. I'll update my post if I had any problems.

KimmW Says... 2012-04-24 15:12:45

Baby... The lemon juice is so that it is not too sweet.


CakeGrasshopper Says... 2012-06-25 13:25:49

Thank you! Thank you!!! I have made this fondant twice now and every time I use it I want to just hug and kiss you! I had been using store bought black fondant, which gave me endless problems with ripping, wrinkling, and cracking, and also tasted like chemical sludge. I am SO THRILLED to have a recipe for black fondant that tastes great, rolls and covers brilliantly, and costs about 80% less to make than what I was buying. You are totally my hero!

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