Shortcrust Pastry

fter trying all recipes for SC Pastry this one I found to be the best ever, i modified the usual recipe and decided to go with a mix of the flour and ALL lard for a real light pastry


Amount Ingredient 8oz Plain flour 8oz SR Flour *oz Lard Pinch Salt To mix Iced Water


Combine the flours salt and lard in a food processor to resemble bread crumbs, add a little water a drop at a time to make a soft dough, dont overwork the dough as it will make it tough
Bake in moderate oven 180degs approx 20mins or until golden brown

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I PM'd the original poster over a week ago to see if she could tell us about the lard/shortening, but she hasn't responded. I guess we'll have to assume she means 8 ounces of lard/shortening. Haven't had time to try the recipe yet, but hope to soon,so will see how it works.

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