great tasting less mess marshmallow fondant


this is a almost mess free, easy way to make fantastic tasting home made marshmallow fondant. i have had tons of great reviews on this fondant.

im sure you could flavor with other flavorings but im just not sure how much you would need. this brand is the only flavoring i use for buttered vanilla.


Amount Ingredient 16 oz mini marshmallows 2 lb sifted confectioners sugar 3 TBSP water 1 TBSP magic line brand buttered vanilla flavoring


grease EVERYTHING that will touch the marshmallows,
grease a glass bowl, put marshmallows water and flavoring in it. microwave for 1 minute stir and microwave 30 seconds if not melted repeat every 30 seconds. be sure to grease your spoon too. i use a metal spoon.
then grease another glass mixing bowl. put it in the kitchen sink so splattered sugar can just be washed down the drain. put half the powdered sugar in it. and make a bowl out of the powdered sugar in the bowl.
pour the marshmallow mix into the bowl. stir with spoon until most of the marshmallow and sugar are mixed. pour 1/4 of the remaining powdered sugar in and continue stiring
at this point its getting stiff so i start using my hands. be sure to grease your hands very well.
i pour the remaining powdered sugar and work it in.
the fondant is done when it is no longer sticky when you pull at it while your working with it.
wrap in cling wrap and let sit for an hour atleast.

work it one more time before you start rolling it to make sure there are no powdered sugar clumps.

the flavoring is the secret to this. i have had rave reviews on my fondant

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The hint about putting 1/2 of the sugar in the bowl is fantastic. When I need a large quantity of fondant; I add the coloring at this time (minus alittle of the water). That way I am sure of the color I am getting and that step of working in the color is not necessary. I did this for a 4-tiered cake that needed to have RED fondant!!! Thanks


I love this recipe and have used it whenever I turn to MMF. However, I'm lazy so I grease my KA blade and bowl and mix the whole batch in there...still doing 1/2 the Powdered Sugar step. I keep the KA on the lower speed but not so low as to endanger the motor. Thanks for this perfect recipe.


I use this same recipe. Depending on the weather I use the entire 2lbs of CS or a little less. I also use my KA and it is no mess and works perfectly. Takes me about 10-15 minutes to make MMF and it mixes perfectly smooth.


You're a genious. I don't know why I never thought of putting the bowl into the sink. I've been avoiding making the fondant that I need for a cake this week because I just didn't want to have to deal with the mess. This method made the mixing and the clean up easier. Thank you!


Thank you for posting this! I've been wanting to try making my own fondant but haven't gotten up the courage to give it a try. You're recipe inspired me and it turned out beautifully!!!


Thanks for the great comments. I am just starting out making cakes the past year just for friends to get pictures so I can't really say how long it status but I have used it up to a week for sure I know at least when I had left over. But I try not to USSR fondant that is not fresh. I didn't have a mixer until a week ago so I always did it this way. I will stock to this way till I get a splash guard. works great for me. I'm not sure how much it will cover but I know it depends how thick you roll it. I sorta want to say a12 in round but don't quote me on that. I know I have for sure done a double stacked 8 & possibly I may have done a10 in.


Worked beautifully! It did not dry out like Wilton and is not as stretchy as Satin Ice. I ended up with about 3 pounds and was easily able to cover a 4 X 8 inch round with accents and have about 1 pound left.

Thanks for the recipe!


Thank you so much!! This was my first time making my own fondant. I was afraid to try it before with everyone saying it was so messy but this was PERFECT! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!


OK, I have 2 really stuip quiestions, when you say. Grease everything, what am I using? butter or crisco sticks? also, what other flavorings could I use besides butter? maybe rashberry or would that not taste good?

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