No Fail Simple Buttercream


This buttercream recipe is so simple that it never has failed me. You can double and triple the recipe and it will still result in the same smooth crusting buttercream.


  • Simple Buttercream
  • 8 cups of powder sugar

  • 1 cup high ratio shortening or sweetex
  • 1 cup butter unsalted
  • 2 tablespoon clear vanilla
  • 1 tablespoon clear butter extract
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • **Makes about 6 cups**


  1. Mix shortening and butter together for 5 minutes on speed 1
    Add powder sugar 1 cup at time, continue mixing on low speed
    Add milk, vanilla and butter flavoring, continue to mix

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Why would you add more butter flavor if you are already adding butter??? Seems like it would be WAY too buttery! Please tell how it tastes!


this is the recipe I have used for a while now and I add the butter flavor too and it doesnt make it too buttery for some reason, it makes it taste just right... I always get compliments on it not being overly sweet.


how many days in advance can i make it does it crust well , i wanted to make my daughter 's birthday cake , but qwanted to use BC instead of all fondant


@Confections CC - the butter flavoring just enhances the butter and lessens the "no flavor" you get from the shortening. I am a butter extract abuser! I LOVE butter and love the fact that I can use the butter flavoring to enhance the REAL stuff. :-)

@MOMONCALL456 - I have made this 3 days in advance and just put the buttercream in the fridge. When I needed to use it I would just add a little warm milk or hot creamer and whip little. I have also made this a day prior and sat out without it spoiling. It crust very well, which is why I use it.

@jackmo - you can use crisco too, just mix the butter and crisco on low speed for a little longer. Before I add the PS and milk, I always mix my butter/shortening and flavoring until it looks sour cream like.

I hope my answers have helped everyone!


This buttercream has to stay in the fridge, therefore if you use this to cover the cake, the cake has to stay in the fridge until delivery. Correct?


You can buy high ratio shortening at some wholesale clubs like SAMS/COSTCO or online. This is the recipe I use and I love it, it crusts beautifully. I also have used Crisco and gets the job done. Crisco tends to be just a little grittier so I use 1/2 and 1/2(fattier) instead of milk when I do not use the high ratio shortening.


Also they make a butter flavored shortening that is white :) I wonder if I used that if it I could cut back on the additional flavoring?


This is the exact recipe that I use BUT I use straight shortening that you can by from Wal-Mart or any other super store it works just as good as the high ratio shortening and is soooooooo much cheaper and easier to find. It is white in color not like all veg shortening. Hope this helps someone :)


Thank you 1Cake-At-A-Time. Question for wpowell4 - you mentioned straight shortening, do you mean Wal-Mart's private label Great Value shortening? I suppose I can also try Target brand shortening as well.

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