I found this recipe on Cook.com in my attempt to find a thick custard-type recipe to fill a cake. This recipe held up great and was so easy to make. I used Vanilla Pudding Mix to start, but have also used Chocolate and Cookies & Cream which both turned out GREAT!


  • 1 Cup – Milk
  • 1/2 Cup – Whipping Cream
  • 1 Box – Vanilla Pudding Mix (or any pudding mix you want)
  • 1 Tsp – Honey (I have used it with and without, both taste great)


    Mix together on low/medium until blended. Blend on high to thicken the mixture. Once thickened, let cool in the fridge for an hour or so (I have used it right away in the past). Fills a 9×13 no problem.
    Options I have used:
    - vanilla mix with fresh strawberries, tasted great!
    - Cookies and Cream with Areo chocolate crushed on top


daynise37 Says... 20 Dec 2010 , 9:48pm

How did you use it...did put it between several slice of cake divided. How about cup cakes. What icing did you use for te cake?

ElizabellaCreativeCakes Says... 28 Dec 2010 , 6:15pm

Just a regular buttercream icing...used it between cakes.

shelbell73 Says... 29 Dec 2010 , 7:40am

Quesiton for you ... did you cook the pudding mixture to thicken it? I tried this recipe and whipped the ingrediatns for almost 15 minutes and they never thickened .... What am I doing wrong? Thanks :)

ElizabellaCreativeCakes Says... 3 Jan 2011 , 7:49pm

Shelbell73 - Not sure what happened for you? I didn't cook the pudding...just put the pudding powder into the milk/whipping cream mixture. Once you mix on medium/high the whipping cream should start to thicken the mix. Make sure it is instant pudding mix.

Good luck!

shana102083 Says... 7 Jan 2011 , 7:20pm

Did you use the small box of pudding mix?

ElizabellaCreativeCakes Says... 10 Jan 2011 , 8:33am

The 99g box 4serving.

lisa78332 Says... 14 Jan 2011 , 9:19am

loved it. worked out excellent! How long can it store in the fridge?

Sorsha342 Says... 10 Feb 2011 , 10:13am

I assume that this uses instant pudding?

fenella Says... 10 Feb 2011 , 12:10pm

What size pudding mix did you use, the small or the large box? Thanks!

fenella Says... 11 Feb 2011 , 4:46pm

Ooops, just noticed my question was answered above!

floral1210 Says... 14 Feb 2011 , 10:21am

Shelbell73...Did you use the INSTANT pudding rather than the cooked vgersion? This recipe will only work if the pudding mix is INSTANT.

sulycakes Says... 3 Mar 2011 , 1:31pm

You rock!! This was awesome!! Thanks :)

kute_ky Says... 9 Mar 2011 , 8:04pm

Here's a silly question for you.....if I make the cake and filling, etc ahead of time...how long do you think the filling will last in the fridge? Or is it better to make the filling right before using it!?

cberget504 Says... 14 Mar 2011 , 8:57am

this might sound be a silly question too but does the cake have to be refrigerated or can it stay out over night with this filling in it?

Noodlegirl Says... 3 Apr 2011 , 5:43pm

Same question as above. Does the cake need to be refridgerated with this type of filling?

sweetsbaker1 Says... 5 Apr 2011 , 7:05pm

Looking to try something like that in chocolate. Instead of using the chocolate pudding snack cups, I plan to try the instant chocolate pudding in the box. Thanks for the great idea.

alowderphoto Says... 10 May 2011 , 11:09am

With this much milk and minimal sugar I would refrigerate the cake if it is filled with this filling and you aren't delivering it till the next day. With most fillings I've found that they are fine not being chilled but this has so little sugar (natural preservative) that it would worry me personally.

bltaylo3 Says... 19 May 2011 , 3:54am

Just wanted to note that this was just what I was looking for. It tastes like the inside of a bavarian creme doughnut or the inside of a boston cream pie. Great for custard or cream lovers!!!

ElizabellaCreativeCakes Says... 23 May 2011 , 6:34pm

I have also attempted variations with lemon & butterscotch instant pudding....worked great too....To answer a few questions above, I would refrigerate when using....if covered in fondant it will last if stored in a cool place. Ensure you use a buttercream dame to keep the filling inside...holds up well to fresh fruit on top.

romsey Says... 23 May 2011 , 7:48pm

Do you think this filling can be frozen and thawed before use and if so how long do you think ti could be frozen for? Looking forward to trying it.

ElizabellaCreativeCakes Says... 25 May 2011 , 9:58am

@Romsey - I have never frozen this filling...not sure how it would hold up? Good luck

SideCakes Says... 2 Aug 2011 , 9:35am

tried this w/ vanilla pudding, awesome!! cant wait to try other flavors, thanks.

angiemedina_24 Says... 3 Aug 2011 , 1:38pm

what size cake did you use it for? I'm trying to figure out how of this I should produce for a quarter sheet.

soonergirl31 Says... 13 Dec 2011 , 12:47pm

Used this recipe and got TONS of compliments on it! SO EASY and tasted just right - not too sweet. It stayed put with a stiff dam between layers. Even when I cut it the filling did not ooze out or down the cake.

emfledd7 Says... 17 Jan 2012 , 12:14pm

I know that this post is crazy old but I was wondering if anyone could help. I have to make a strawberry custard filling tonight and was wondering if I need to adjust the recipe to add in some strawberry puree?


KeeperAtHome Says... 23 Feb 2012 , 7:07pm

I used this for a Bridal shower cake. I lessened the amount of milk to 3/4 cup because I wanted to add in a small can of crushed pineapple and was concerned the amount of moisture would make it too runny. I drained the pineapple and even dumped it out onto a paper towel to get more moisture out of it, then added it to the prepared filling. I chose the vanilla pudding mix. I think next time I will try white chocolate pudding with strawberries. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I hope to use it often!

mystefied_ Says... 19 Oct 2012 , 5:38pm

I'm planning to add melted chocolate in it as we dont get chocolate flavor instant custard here. what alterations wud i need to do in the quantities to come up with the same consistency?

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