This is my favorite white chocolate frosting to make. I’m trying to learning different (ex: harder) techniques, but for right now this is what I’m comfortable making.


  • 6oz white chocolate
  • 1/4 cup heavy cream
  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 2 cups powdered sugar


  1. Microwave the white chocolate and cream for 1-1/2 mins, or til the chocolate is melted. Gradually add butter and powdered sugar until fluffy. Makes 3-1/2 cups


sarnewfs Says... 2010-07-10 04:46:19

What brand of white chocolate do you use?

nikinoonie Says... 2010-07-11 21:33:13

Hi, any knowledge on if this crusts and smooths well? I like to use buttercream and cream cheese icing, but usually have to put a bit of shortening in it to make it crust.

JamyXiong Says... 2010-07-17 21:23:19

Yum. this sounds easy and yummy! i will try this one out!

whidbeywifey Says... 2010-07-19 22:27:24

my hubby and i love the WC buttercream I actually made MY first batch today for cupcakes. i am really insterested in using it as a filling for one of the tiers on a wedding cake i am doing next month my only concern is using the dairy in it do you think it would be safe left out for a while or not at all?

lisamaria Says... 2010-07-21 14:00:49

This sounds so good. I want to make cupcakes and I wanted to try a different frosting besides the usual one I use. Can you pipe with this?

NJhomemade Says... 2010-07-22 18:59:22

Waouuuu, this recipe sounds delicious & very easy. So, I can try this one for muffings, include layer cakes.

mgigglin Says... 2010-07-23 12:30:39

@whidbeywifey... I use a recipe similiar and leave it out all the time.. mine does have crisco in it but basically the same. I am definitely going to add the white choc to my BC this sounds amazing!

sandreaparkwelch Says... 2010-07-26 13:20:40

this sounds delicious, but i also would like to know about the application and whether this holds up well as a filling as well as an icing and if it hardens and makes a nice finish...more information please!

lisamaria Says... 2010-07-29 11:22:20

Ok, I am back cos I made this is divine!!! I piped it on chocolate cupcakes....they were a hug hit!!! So thanks for a great recipe. It's safely tucked way in my "icing" file with a great review!! ;)

tgivivs Says... 2010-08-25 08:08:47

Is it safe to assume that this requires sweet unsalted butter?

Kathy5396 Says... 2010-10-01 17:57:07

I made this yesterday and it was a big hit with the family. This recipe was delicious...but the 2 cups powdered sugar is incorrect. It should be 2 Lbs. All you have to do is add alittle more cream.

shanney54 Says... 2010-10-04 10:42:52

I'm so sorry that I'm just now getting to everyone! I didn't know that it got any comments at all!!! Now I have this huge cheesy smile! : D I always use unsalted butter in my frostings. I have used this with Nestle white chocolate and it turned out good, so I figure just about any would. It's been a while since I've made it but I think that it does crust, but someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Hope you like it!

sherilou Says... 2010-10-15 09:02:19

This may be a dumb question, but are heavy cream and whipping cream the same thing, or interchangable?

shanney54 Says... 2010-10-16 15:47:44

From what I found on here it has to do with the difference in the fat. HTH!

Sweet_Toof Says... 2010-11-02 03:36:25

Are you melting down the cream and chocolate, then putting it into a mixer to mix / whip the butter and sugar ingredients together?

shanney54 Says... 2010-12-19 01:30:19

Sweet_Toof, I'm pretty sure that's that's what I did. It's been awhile since I've made this BC. When I made I'm pretty sure that it crusted pretty good, please tell me if my memory is wrong.

football41mom Says... 2011-02-11 07:31:10

This is a great frosting, I added enough powdered sugar to get it to piping consistency. It piped beautifully and it was delicious!

ATCakes Says... 2011-02-26 13:37:09

Can you use this under rolled fondant?

ecdavis Says... 2011-03-12 12:24:10

This frosting is very YUMMY!! Wouldn't use for piping, but great for simply laying down on a cake. The recipe says "2 cups powder sugar" but it's actually 2 lbs. I just made this & put it on a raspberry cake I'm trying out for a shower. Can't wait to taste the cake now. :)

manda4 Says... 2011-03-16 11:19:05

I was wondering if people who have made this or if you could tell me if you could use for a cake that I'm wanting to cover in fondant? Thanks!

maof5 Says... 2011-05-06 11:19:48

This is a yummy recipe! Just made it for the first time today. I did use 2 lbs. powdered sugar and just added a little more cream as I was mixing!

cakestodelight Says... 2011-05-07 22:02:03

I just covered a chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate pudding filling cake, with this frosting in white with blue and red flowers also created with this frosting, I have to say thank you, it is great and looks really cool.. P.s. the flowers look great I do not think you could use this frosting to make roses... Thank you.. Michael

pixiemom Says... 2011-05-18 20:08:47

Just wondering if this would go well under fondant? Thanks!

aleassweetboutique Says... 2011-05-19 10:12:42

how much frosting does this make?

crazyladybaker Says... 2011-07-02 15:49:17

I just made this for my son's birthday cake. He asked for white cake, white choc filling and white buttercream. This really does have great white choc flavor and quite good. I did add a little more cream to the end process because it was a bit too stiff for me. This is a keeper :-) Thanks for sharing. oh and it made approx 5 Cups of frosting.

DanaG21 Says... 2011-08-21 22:38:50

Is this very sweet? I'm looking for a white chocolate frosting for cupcakes but don't want something that is overly sweet.

momd68 Says... 2012-01-11 15:40:21

Does this recipe need to be refridgerated?

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