This is my first recipe to add to the group, and I’m so excited to share! I was struggling with MMF, in fact, I posted many a forums with issues, First it was crumbly, second it was so soft and heavy I couldn’t get it onto my cake except for sheer luck (this wasn’t my first time making MMF either, for some reason I was just having really inconsistent results). After posting back and forth with various people, and using my own experience, and watching a video, I think I mastered it. So this is for those of us who have struggled and needed an easy MMF. I even bought some Satin Ice to “feel” what Fondant should feel like. This MMF is a tad softer than the kind I bought, but I made figures out of it without the addition of gumpaste/tylose/glucose/gumtex or any other thing that is said to help with it (we were in a snow storm, and I needed to use what I had on hand). My figures stayed up to the challenge, all I did was kneaded in some extra PS (per figure, I didn’t measure it, just “felt” and adjusted)–Best Part most of it was done in my Kitchenaid!!!


  • 8 Cups of Mini Marshmellows (I’m using Jet Puffed)-And I’m measuring 8 Cups in my Pampered Chef Batter Bowl
  • 3 TBS of Water
  • 1 TBS of Flavor
  • 9 Cups (ish) Powdered Sugar Sifted
  • 2 ish Heaping TBS of Shortening (I just used one of our large kitchen spoons so it could be more)+ whatever you’ll use to grease your work space


  1. Directions (in this order too):

1. Grease Bowl and Dough Hook of Kitchen Aid
2. Sift 9 Cups of Powdered Sugar in a separate Mixing Bowl (found out this IS VERY important)
3. Put marshmellows, Water, Flavor, Shortening in microwave safe bowl (I used my batter bowl)
4. Heat up marshmellow mixture in 30 second zaps, Pull out, Stir, Keep heating until the marshmellows are almost Melted, it will look soupy with some lumps
5. Scoop 6 Cups of PS in Kitchen Aid. (all the while the marshmellows are sorta cooling down–but don’t let them cool completely) Make a well in the powdered sugar with the measuring cup
6. Pour Marshmellow Mixture into PS well, it’s going to spread out and cover all the PS basically, but it helps for it to be in the middle of the PS.
7. Put 1 More Cup of PS on top of MM’s
8. Kitchenaid first setting, on mine its Stir, once the PS is mostly incorporated Put on the next setting (I used 2), let it run for a while, you’ll notice there is PS on the sides of the bowl, that’s fine, leave it there, try and refrain from scraping it down :)
9. Here’s where it comes to your EYE and Finger,

This video (there are two parts to this video, I only posted one because the other comes up on the side bar) helps you see what I’m talking about. You’ll notice it will start to creep up on the dough hook, if its not doing this yet, start adding the PS 1/2 cup at a time until it does (I didn’t let it fully creep up, once it started is when I moved to the next step).
10. Touch the mixture, if its goo and sticking to your finger completely, add 1/4 of PS, if its slightly sticky, then you’re ready for the next part
11. Prepare a portion of your counter (or where ever you hand knead MMF), Bring your sifted PS left over in your separate bowl where you can get to it easily, Shortening on the area where you’ll knead, dump out Mixture (Just for a visual, I still had to scrape mine out–I tried not to fully mix this in the mixer–in the video she mixes it all the way in the mixer, I found I got a better workable material if I had some hand kneading in there so I could feel the right consistency). Grease your hands up
12. Add more ps like 1/8 of a cup at a time if it appears to be falling under its own weigh–the perfect MMF should be able to hold its weight a little even at this stage– hand knead, add more PS if you need to, (by the time It was all said and done I had left over PS in the bowl-quite a bit, I’d say I only used about 3/4 of the bag in the mixer, and then like another 1/2 cup (maybe) when I had kneaded it.)
13. Grease it up, wrap in saran wrap–I used to do the gallon bag also, but I only did saran wrap this time like triple wrapped, but if I were making it a couple days in advance I probaby would of done a gallon bag also–let rest overnight (or atleast several hours, 8+),

Some things to look for:
I mixed until the consistency was stiff enough to scrape out the MMF of the bowl and very very minimal stuck to my hand, however it didn’t hold its own shape when I put it on the table.
When done, it should sorta hold its shape, but still will fall (almost like the 10 second peak you look for when doing cookie icing)
Do let it rest overnight, I made this mid day so that I could monitor how it does as the hours go by, it does get stiffer as the hours go by, however, mine still didn’t completely hold its shape until the next morning–and still it wasn’t hard as a rock, which I think is the consistency I kept getting when it was crumbly.
This fondant is so different than what I have made in the past, it has a satin-y (i know making up words) feel/look to it. It feels more like silly putty.

Hope all these made sense, I’m sure its something you’ll have to just do, in order to really understand my rambling. But atleast here is a compilation of my research, and I hope it helps :)


KateLS Says... 2010-02-15 01:13:14

Wow! Excellent instructions! I think I'll try it out! Thanks!

coquis32 Says... 2010-02-15 11:49:06

Thanks I have been having problems too with this recipe. What kind of flavor did you use? I olny had used vanilla.

The_Lil_Cakehouse Says... 2010-02-15 12:56:42

Vanilla, and almond :) I love almond!!

luckylibra Says... 2010-02-15 16:46:19

Just my experience,,but I have been making this and it is much easier to add color to the marshmallow mixture than try and color it, I divided the recipe up and I use 34 large marshmallows, 3 and a little less than another 1/2 cup powdered sugar and 2 Tbs water, 1/2 tsp flavoring. Works well.

2SchnauzerLady Says... 2010-02-16 10:07:48

I have been making MFF, but have been wanting to try MMF. Thanks so much for the detail and time you put into posting this. I know I can freeze my leftover MFF, can I do the same with MMF?

CristyH Says... 2010-02-16 11:14:20

This is how I make mine! Works perfect every single time!

SoSasha Says... 2010-02-16 16:34:33

Wow SassyCakes, thanks so much for this! I've put off making my own MMF for weeks now, and I finally feel confidant enough to roll up my sleeves and get to it :) Out of curiosity, does anyone find that they have to do things differently when the MM are made from scratch?

alittlesugar Says... 2010-02-17 02:09:54

Thank you SO much....I just started physical therapy for my shoulder...tendonitis from making MMF by hand everyday! LOL. no, but seriously...I need some shoulder repair from it! I will try with my KA TONIGHT!

HeatherNelson Says... 2010-02-17 10:02:24

I have made mmf before and it is very simple read your instructions and although they are eay you make it sound to me a little more complicated.. lol.. i simply grease a bowl with crisco add my marshmellows and water melt for 1 minute stir then add half a bag of ps and stir then i grease my counter and hands and turn out on to counter while incorporating the rest of my ps very simple let mmf rest for a bit if not even over night and you are good to it all makes a mess but it is worth it!

bty have you seen or heard about making fondant out of starburst? someone has told me i could do it but they didn't know how hmm was just wondering... thanks for all your work in posting...

newkat Says... 2010-02-18 10:27:23

Made mine before with butter and it worked well also. Thanks for posting.

The_Lil_Cakehouse Says... 2010-02-18 16:49:13

tnt: no need to freeze, just bag up and put in your pantry :)

Sosasha: Never have made homemade I don't have an answer for you

Heather: It wasn't suppose to sound more complicated, I just know when I read instructions if I don't have a visual, the more detail, the better, that's just how I work :)

bethyscake Says... 2010-02-18 20:59:33

Im so glad I found this, I have had some annying things with mmf like small bits of powder sugar left in it, and i would have to sit and pick them out. But this helps a whole bunch, especially since I just recieved my first very own stand up kitchen aid mixer for Valentines day. It is definantly going to get some use now!

deeann11 Says... 2010-02-18 22:15:21

i cant wait to try this - i have arthritis, but i am a cake making addict! i will suffer for two days after making MMF. Hopefully now that will be less thanks to this recipe and being able to use my KA!!

pmw Says... 2010-02-19 18:37:16

I find that if I use Walmart brand or Meijer brand marshmallows works the best. The Jet Puffed ones are to soft and sticky. I also add a little white coloring if needed. I use this all the time and mix in some candy clay, up to half and half.

pmw Says... 2010-02-19 18:38:56

Forgot to mention I only mix mine by hand. I don't bother with the mixer.

alleypoo9782 Says... 2010-02-20 20:44:45

Look at you all fancy on here :-) Thanks for writing all this down and posting it!

The_Lil_Cakehouse Says... 2010-02-20 21:14:59

Lol, Alli!! I just buddied you on here,,,,not really sure how that works.

batterbug Says... 2010-02-21 05:56:12

Thanks for your instructions. I made MMF twice - never turned out. I'm going to try again with this recipe for sure!

wmfanucchi Says... 2010-02-22 12:04:09

Thank you for the detailed "visual" instructions. I had a rough time with my first MMF last week. This helped so much!

The_Lil_Cakehouse Says... 2010-02-22 20:40:19

I'm glad I can help :) That was my intention!

richa134 Says... 2010-02-25 13:15:56

at the risk of sounding like a dope...what is an MMF?

The_Lil_Cakehouse Says... 2010-02-25 20:48:42

Marshmellow Fondant :)

graceashley8 Says... 2010-03-03 05:25:40

So I tried this recipe last night, I think it did it right??! I am going to roll it out today and cut some things out. How do I for sure know I did it right? and I am putting pieces on a cake that goes out Friday, when should I put them on??!:) Thank you for this!

The_Lil_Cakehouse Says... 2010-03-04 20:17:41

You'll know you did it right by the consistency. If it feels too soft add more powdered sugar, if its too hard try to add some shortening. You can put decorations on immediately after you make them, unless its like a topper, then you should let them dry hard before you put them on. HTH

bakingjen Says... 2010-03-06 15:10:55

LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe!! I made MMF before and turned out dry and cracked. This recipe was the perfect consistency. I used Jet-puffed marshmallows and measured out 8 cups PS and still had a little left over. Your detailed instructions really give newbies like me the confidence to try something new (especially after a bad first experience). Thanks again! My only question would be is how do you get it REALLY white? It comes out off-white, does that pure white coloring by Wilton work with MMF?

The_Lil_Cakehouse Says... 2010-03-06 17:36:51

Yeah, just add white coloring :) I'm glad I could help :) (personally I like Americolors better, and I use Bright White)

ButterflyKayla Says... 2010-03-08 10:34:01

If I cut this in half will it turn out okay. I just want half the batch for now. But if not I will make the whole thing just let me know thanks!

Paige_Pittman86 Says... 2010-03-10 11:34:01

okay i have a sunbeam mixer ugghhh it doesn't work as well as the kitchen aid but its what i can afford can i still manage this with the sunbeam i tried it for the very first time last night and it was ALLLLL wrong just a mess but i think i did some stuff wrong also im hoping i can add more PS today and still save it because i really wanted to practice using fondant. when i finally wrapped it up last night it was still sorta sticky and when i pulled it, it tore apart so i dunno.. most of my PS ended up in the air and all over everything

The_Lil_Cakehouse Says... 2010-03-11 14:27:22

ButterflyKayla, I've never made half. I usually make a whole batch and then store away what I do not need at the time. But I think someone in the earlier messages said they do a half recipe and it works great.

Paige, I'm sorry to hear it was a mess. I'm not sure on the Sunbeam, Is it a hand mixer or a standup mixer. I would just be worried about buring the motor out. Sometimes, when I'm mixing in the powdered sugar I wrap the mixer in saran wrap, just stream it in slower. This same recipe can be made by hand kneading it though, I just prefer my mixer. If it was really really sticky (like goo all over your fingers), add powdered sugar if it was a tad sticky (sticky to the touch but didn't stick all over your fingers) knead in some shortening. HTH

Paige_Pittman86 Says... 2010-03-13 16:35:22

It is a stand up mixer. I am actually about to attempt to make it again but only by hand.. so FINGERS CROSSED. ill let you know the outcome.

chellescountrycakes Says... 2010-03-17 21:40:38

Just wanted to say Thanks :) and it does work in the sunbeam mixer. But this is very easy my 9 year old (very absent minded boy..) made it for me yesterday! now if I could get my kids to quit eating it as I make it I might could get it on a cake!!

The_Lil_Cakehouse Says... 2010-03-18 14:27:17

I'm so glad. Yeah, My 3 year old daughter calls it candy :) She ate my rose when I left the room one time...thank goodness it was just a practice one :)

sweettoothmom Says... 2010-03-24 14:02:23

Do you think I could use the marshmallow fluff? I have that on hand and am in need of some MMF tomorrow.

woot Says... 2010-03-26 12:08:19

i use the same recipe and it turns out different each time. i've only made about 4 or 5 batches. i am eager to try this recipe and see how it works. great instructions, btw. i like to add a little butter flavoring along with the vanilla. you can take little chunks of the mmf and mash some chopped pecans in it and it tastes a tad like divinity,,not just like it, of course, but it is pretty yummy stuff.

rhinestone2005 Says... 2010-03-26 13:10:50

is there anyway to add a small amount of cream cheese to this ? i need it for a wedding cake.

The_Lil_Cakehouse Says... 2010-03-26 14:22:06

Rhinestone--Not sure, I've never done it, sorry. Maybe in place of some of the PS you could add a cheesecake pudding packet. Not sure though, just play around with it if you have time.

Sweettooth--again, not sure, I've only used mini marshmellows. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Sorry I didn't see these comments before, I forgot to look and it doesn't notify me when they're made.

Tiffany0481 Says... 2010-04-11 16:30:42

I ALWAYS use my kitchenaid when making MMF. It is a true lifesaver! For the first two times I made it I did by hand, but then decided to try the mixer and it took like 10 minutes and it was done .... plus their was very little mess. Usually I had PS all over the kitchen! I am going to try and start adding color while I am mixing I haven't done it yet but I am thinking it will really pay off in the end. I always put mine in the frig wrapped tight. Someone mentioned about just putting in the pantry ... does it keep ok?

teaparty Says... 2010-04-15 17:36:39

Hi, I'm new to CC, but thought I'd give my input. I've made MMF twice and it has turned out great each time. The plus is that it is less expensive than buying Fondant and tastes better than the Fondant I bought for my daughter's birthday cake. I've had really good result making roses too! I kept mine in the pantry and it stayed soft enough to use for about a month.

drummer27 Says... 2010-04-20 11:50:23

Best fondant recipe I have ever worked with. Thank you so much for posting!!!

cakebakinggals Says... 2010-04-24 19:27:56

I measure/weigh 16 oz of mini- jet-puffed marshmallows into a very well greased glass dish with 2 tablespoons of water, 1 teaspoon clear vanilla flavoring and 1 teaspoon of clear butter flavoring. Microwave until almost melted. Stir with greased wooden spoon until smooth. Place 2 pounds powdered sugar into Kitchenaid mixer with greased dough hook. Pour in melted marshmallows and blend on lowest speed (1) until blended and then on 2 for a minute. Mix cornstarch and powdered sugar together (equal parts). Use this to coat surface to knead and later to roll out. After kneading, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and seal in bag. Let sit several hours or overnight. Heat in microwave slightly and grease hands to knead in color or to prepare to roll or form. This works very well for me every time I use it. It stores very well for weeks if kept sealed.

The_Lil_Cakehouse Says... 2010-04-24 20:11:48

yes it keeps in the pantry. No need for it to go in the refrigerator--that will just make it hard. I'm so glad people are getting good results with this recipe!!

stonyokwe Says... 2010-05-06 19:09:17

like you, i've been having inconsistent results with my MMF. i have high hopes for this one!

Motorhead Says... 2010-05-07 06:43:09

OMG!! this is absolutely a fab recpie!! i've recently made 2 batches...most creamy, smooth fondant ever!! i've tried many different varying recpies, this one totally rocks my world!! for choc fondant i just add some coco into the mixture during the hand kneeding stage-tastes great!! thanks for the post.

Cindy_Limon Says... 2010-05-11 20:23:27

Going to try this recipe this weekend. Thank you for posting it. Will let you know how it turns out!

saptally Says... 2010-05-15 18:39:11

You are my new BFF and don't even know it! This was great! I trusted your details and made early in the day and then applied around 11 p.m. This is so much better than what I've tried before! Used on my first firetruck cake! Loving this! Adding the food coloring paste to the melted marshmallows before adding to the PS worked like a charm. Red & Black are usually the 2 hardest colors for me to make. (I have Lupus joint pain in my hands and this was like a miracle!) Thank you SO much!

borerunner42 Says... 2010-05-17 13:30:35

How long will this last in the pantry? If refrigerating the MMF hardens it would freezing it do the same, thereby ruining the MMF? I have never made MMF and am eager to try. Do people usually just make multiple separate batches if they want to use several different colors of MMF for one project?

cakemomof2 Says... 2010-05-19 17:02:37

WARNING: When adding PS - turn mixer off. I had it on and was adding it and the metal measuring cup slipped out of my hand, into the bowl, shot around & out of the bowl and threw PS all of the place!!!!!! Thankfully no injuries just a big mess. Otherwise fantastic recipe! :)

His_snowflake Says... 2010-05-22 08:39:28

I store mine in the refrigerator and though it gets hard because it's cold, when you bring it back to room temperature it works just fine. I've used MMF stored in the refrigerator for up to a year with good results though I haven't tried covering a cake with it after that long. On occasion I have needed to add some glycerine to it to restore the proper consistency.

TrishaJoy Says... 2010-05-23 17:49:59

I would just like to tell you, HAZZAH! I had used fondant twice before for cakes. The first fondant was Wilton's which tastes a lot like cardboard. I couldn't believe they would actually sell that. The second, was with a recipe I had gotten out of a cake book. That was too darned much work and a mess to boot. Then I found your recipe and suddenly I felt brave again. I decided to try it for a graduation cake that I delivered this weekend. I couldn't believe how simple, how easy and how good it was. It was easy to work with, easy to color, and it didn't take fifty ingredients to make it. You deserve a medal or in the very least a fondant statue. Thank you for your recipe. I am no longer afraid to say, "Yes, I CAN do that cake in fondant".

MaryS15 Says... 2010-05-26 12:47:00

Help with coloring? I LOVE this MMF recipe; taste is fabulous and I have gotten other requests after serving this. I added my color to the mixer for a whole batch of bright pink. While double-saran-wrapped and resting o'nite at rm temp, the color faded on the top of the batch and almost looked like it settled! I re-kneaded and color blended well, covered cake and stored O/N in refrig, color was fine. BUT when I put it in a box to drive 50 mins to my niece's party, the color faded slightly again on the top. Any suggestions?

The_Lil_Cakehouse Says... 2010-05-29 15:37:04

Hi all, I have been MIA for a while, life just got really busy :) I have a 3 year old and 9 month old! As far as where to store it, there is not need to store it in the refrigerator, no perishable items. It keeps in the pantry for atleast a few months, my wilton instructor told me MMF could keep for 3 years! But I have not been doing cakes long enough to test that theory :) It would have a bad odor if it was bad. I put mine in a small sandwich bag, and then stick it in a airtight tupperware container, works fine :).

Mary, I don't know on why the color faded. My colors have always intensified after letting it rest overnight. I wish I had a better answer. Try posting it in the forums, maybe one of the much more experienced cake decorators have an answer :)

MaryS15 Says... 2010-05-30 06:37:20

Thank LilCakehouse, I appreciate your comment. Did post on another forum but no replies to date. Starting to think it is me! Oh Well. I used Wilton color, and I have had comments (in person, not online) about their colors before. I may try another brand and see if same happens. Thanks again

MaryS15 Says... 2010-05-30 06:45:44

OK on the other forum area, BlakesCakes suggested ChefMaster No Fade Pink and Purple (thank you) and Texas Rose suggested spraying (I have not tried air brushing yet). Thank You I will try these...

Ali2318 Says... 2010-06-03 20:50:35

I had problems with fading too using Wilton colors. My lilac color turned almost blue. I'll try this recipe too. Like others, previous MMF batches were inconsistent, sticky, dry etc. can't wait to try this one.

kruss Says... 2010-06-19 13:53:19

I just tried your recipe and I'm so pleased!! I've been working up the courage to try to make MMF for almost 2 months and decided today was the day. It appears to have worked beautifully (it's currently all wrapped on the counter as directed). It's smooth, pliable and delicious (my husband & I had a taste test). It was SO easy - I don't know what I was afraid of!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

nmtravrn Says... 2010-06-20 17:42:40

I just made fondant for the first time and it was fun!! I started with my stand-up mixer but it wasn't mixing it like I thought it should. So, I put it on my counter and it was great. I have one question though. How much fondant does this recipe make? I'm making a wedding cake in a couple of weeks so I want to know how much this recipe will yield. I couldn't find the answer reading all the posts. Thanks for the recipe! It will save me a lot of money!

Emilyluu Says... 2010-06-26 05:16:13

could you tell me how many oz. this makes or what size cake it covers? I need to know how much to make :)

djm3 Says... 2010-07-28 05:51:17

Thanks for the recipe!!! I was wondering if you ever had a problem with the marshamellow forming little white/clear chunks after melting. I notice it when pouring it into the mixer bowl...not sure why it is doing it. When all is mixed you can see it in the fondant. Help???

TamathaV Says... 2010-07-28 10:10:52

Lil - have you tried doubling this? I have the large KA and need to make LOTS;)

annieroo Says... 2010-08-13 12:37:13

I cover my mixer with a plastic grocery bag to keep the ps from. Just hold it tight around the bowl. Work great!!

dsilbern Says... 2010-08-18 20:13:16

Great recipe - the texture is wonderful. I had trouble with fondant too and the descriptions you have of at the different stages of this recipe were so helpful. It's so much a "feel" and "look" thing and having the descriptions walked me successfully through it. I made my first fondant topped cupcakes tonight with it.

sweetnessx3 Says... 2010-08-24 16:53:02

Thank you so much for sharing this !!! Id never made fondant before and my first try turned out perfect and now its the only one I use ! Thank you!

AnthonysMom Says... 2010-08-25 20:02:46

I did this receipe minus addind the shorteningto make CHOCOLATE MMF RECIPE: For Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant: Add 1 oz melted chocolate. 1 tbsp cocoa powder to the basic recipe.

It came out pretty nice had to work fast though. It tasted sooo good

annieb0313 Says... 2010-08-26 11:32:43

How many cups of large marshmallows would i use? I don't have mini's and don't want to go to the store!

savvycakes Says... 2010-09-26 19:33:05

Can you airbrush on this MMF?

shana102083 Says... 2010-10-08 21:02:11

Am I the only one who can't figure out how to do this MMF? I made 2 batches today and it's now almost 12 hours later it isn't looking good. Its breaking off in pieces and isn't pliable and stiff like the Wilton fondant that I am used to. I was really excited to do this recipe as I have heard great things about it but I am really disappointed! I heard adding corn syrup might help, anyone try this? I am extremely frustrated as I followed the recipe to a T...ugh anyone suggestions?

cdbaker Says... 2010-10-18 18:16:14

I have had all the same issues with MMF. All I can say is wow! This is the best MMF ever. I think the method of mixing it makes all the difference in the world. Doesn't get crumbly or hard as a brick. It's satiny smooth. Thanks for sharing!!

Cakeartist5523 Says... 2010-12-05 01:46:07

OMG I love this recipe, you just saved me huge amounts of $$$$ I had to make a large carved #20 anniversary cake and decided to cover on in my normal product and the other in the homemade fondant! I was so happy with your instructions, and the taste and handling of this recipe! I made my DH close his eyes and taste it Hates normal fondant)and he said oh wow that is great, mmm candy get me more!.....

lasuggs Says... 2011-02-25 13:54:13

I am trying to make a pirate skull to go on top of my daughters cake and was wanting it to stand up -- everything I have read is to use gumpaste -- I have never made gumpaste before so I am a little intimidated. Will this MMF dry like fondant does or do I really need to figure out the gumpaste?

chica07 Says... 2011-03-27 14:34:34

BEST. MMF. RECIPE. EVER. I just about gave up on MMF, all the other recipes (one with corn syrup) were just too crumbly and sticky and not pliable. This recipe, very well directed, lends to a perfect mmf that is not sticky, barely uses any extra corn starch for dusting, and is pliable enough to roll out and cover a cake. I am in LOVE, thanks so much for this awesome recipe, you saved my fondant life ;-)

jewordsoflife Says... 2011-04-18 13:34:37

This recipe ROCKS!!! It's the BEST, No.1 for sure!!! Works every time I make it. I get so excited after I finish that I hate having to wait to use it because it's so fun to work with :-) I do have a question though. Do you know how to adjust it so that you can make a great true red and black? I bought Duff's black bc fondant. The black color is great but to be honest, I'm not to thrilled with it otherwise. I'd like to be able to make my own. I read somewhere that you could use wiltons red melts and the dark chocolate melts (for the black) but I wouldn't know how much to use or if I'd need to adjust the recipe. Any thoughts? Thanks!! :-)

briannasparrot Says... 2011-05-02 20:18:36

I just made MMF for the first time, actually Ive never made real fondant either but OMG i love this one. I actually saw the new jet puff strawberry marshmallows at the store and thought I would try it since my cake is going to be pink anyways. They only have them in large size so increased cooking time in micro for a bit longer. It turned out amazing. I hate the taste of fondant and am only using this from now on. Ps. do you have a gum paste recipe thats this easy???? I would love one. The wilton one I made is horrible. I will poste a pix of the pink cake with the strawberry MMF when completed. Thanks again.

banana22 Says... 2011-09-03 16:17:30

Can you color the MMF while it is mixing? or is it better to knead it in?

peachofcake Says... 2011-09-20 10:32:29

banana22...I have added the color while it is in the mixer. I add most the color and then take it out and knead more in if needed.

idreamincupcakes Says... 2012-03-04 19:24:00

I used this recipe on my first fondant cake and got rave reviews! Everyone loved it. I cannot attest to it being easier or better than anything because before making this I had never touched or tasted fondant before. But that is about to change for good :)

coukie Says... 2012-03-27 07:29:07

Why I never tried this before?.....Don't know! Maybe affraid to break my KA ? probably..... So I did try it yesterday and its a breeze! now I can krank out the fondant in no time and without all the hard work of mixing and kneeding it by hand, not to speak of all the PS every where in the kitchen! So thanks for sharing!!!

timeforcake Says... 2012-07-24 11:56:27

My go to!!

Thanks SO much for this post! I have used your recipe multiple times now, with consistently great results (And we all know that is a GOLDEN statement!! Who wants a recipe that takes luck?) Regarding color, I have found it works well to add the color at the same time you pour in the liquid marshmallows if you want an even color. If you want marbling, of course, nearer to the end of your kneading (of which this recipe takes very little!) works best.

You're a gem!

ventidesign Says... 2012-08-06 11:38:06

Love this recipe. Made it for the first time a couple of days ago. Easy, peasy, just like she says. No problems crumbling, tearing or coloring. Bottom-line it tastes good, a 100% better than store bought fondant. Thanks for the recipe.

Skalke Says... 2012-08-28 12:38:17

does anyone know what size cake it covers? I need to cover a 16 X 6 round and not sure how much to make.

Thank you

3girlsandaboy Says... 2012-09-26 09:09:07

Thank you so much for the details!!!! I have been making mmf by hand for over a year and it has always caused me frustration. Last week I bought pre-made fondant for the first time and realized I've been way off the mark on my texture. I just made this and I can already tell the difference between this batch and what I've done in the past. Loved using the mixer too. I think your details really made a difference for me.

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