i use this recipe and have never had a problem with it


1 one lb bag of confectioners sugar
2 teaspoons water
1 regular bag of miniature marshmallows


add water to marshmallows nuke at intervals 30 sec stir in between

i add about 1 cup of con sugar at a time i use a bowl you can grease the bowl, be sure to crease your hand before mixing

pull, twist fold ect adding crisco to hands  as needed when mixing

you can split batch into smaller sizes, grease outside and saran wrap

let set about 5 hours, you can refigerate

use confectioners sugar when rolling out

when i open a bag i use crisco again or you can microwave for a second or 2 watch carefully

i don’t buy the large bag of marshmallows because the ratio doesn’t work out

if you want to use all one color you can add it to the marshmallow start with small amount of color and add as needed

easier than adding after made, if you need separate colors, use crisco when mixing colors

i you find when it almost mixed and have the last of con sugar is hard to mix in you can use a tiny tiny bit of water

i use this same recipe when making 50/50 gumpaste,


Veronica7 Says... 2009-10-11 13:28:57

Is very easy and the taste is better!!!

M4sevens Says... 2009-10-11 15:03:01

I also use this recipe. I have not yet made any other type of fandant. I am a novice cake decorator trying to start a home business. Do you find that this is the easiest way to make Fondant? What about any other types of Fondant? I heard that making it yourself is a lot tastier than the store bought product. Is this really so? I would appreciate any feed back. Thanks.

Sylkladie Says... 2009-10-12 04:31:21

Yes definitely, making your own is not only more cost effective it is also tastier. I have heard that top cake decorators use satin ice which is another option if you don't want to make it yourself or are pressed for time.

AverageMom Says... 2009-10-12 09:55:07

This is the kind I always make and use, as well. It's almost too easy!! And it tastes good, is cheap, and always works out.

flourpower865 Says... 2009-10-12 15:00:59

This is my recipe of choice also! Love it!

snowwhite13 Says... 2009-10-12 21:05:14

I have made this fondant once, but it ended up with small lumps, I was told that i added to much conf sugar at once, could this be why

ella9188 Says... 2009-10-13 03:59:57

how much is 1 bag ofminiature marshmallows? thank you.

kake4umjp Says... 2009-10-13 19:27:56

If you are making a small cake this is fine, but when you have 3 or 4 wedding cakes to do it is a bit to much labor. I use Ice and easy by bakery craft. It is delicous. I have made this recipe just for fun.

kahibbard Says... 2009-10-14 06:17:05

I use this recipe too and I love it. Tastes great. As far as the labor goes, I use my kitchen aide mixer with the hook.

kitkatkit Says... 2009-10-14 09:39:11

okay I'm confused on the 50/50 so do you make the fondant and then make the gumpaste and then combine it together. Is this easier to work with.

jewelzbakescakes Says... 2009-11-02 22:12:54

I just tried this a my very first recipe with my KitchenAid 600 pro. So quick compared to kneading for 20 minutes, great recipe!

KateLS Says... 2009-11-15 23:39:03

Does this turn out shiny? Or is it a matte finish? How thin do you usually roll it? And does this work well for fondant bows/flowers? Does it harden well? Thanks!

vandru10 Says... 2009-12-09 20:51:50

Can you color it and I, too wonder if it can be used to make bows and flowers!

cakedesigns2010 Says... 2009-12-17 17:16:18

I tried making this tonight, and I had the worst luck. Was my first time ever making fondent, usually I just decorate with star tips, but I wanted to try this. IT was very hard to roll out, and it got very sticky. Not sure where I went wrong.

nastassia Says... 2009-12-22 19:44:38

yeah me too. :( but then I tried the 16oz bag of marshmallows...I'm gonna try with the regular 10.5oz and hopefully it works out ok.

MollyK Says... 2010-01-12 13:23:10

i used a recipe like this and the recipe said to "grease often", as in your hands and countertop. i ended up with a greasy, gooey, sticky mess. when i tried to roll it out and put it on my cake, it was so greasy that it just fell apart. i don't know why, but it just didn't work out AT ALL lol

kikaldoll Says... 2010-01-14 18:01:53

I use this recipe, I use the 16 oz bag of MM, and make sure to use good crisco, any cheap shortening makes the fondant very greasy in the end. I mix it with a spatula covered in grease. Usually make my husband do it so my arms aren't tired. Grease the rolling in, the counter, hands, everything.

Missy-Ack Says... 2010-03-19 16:46:10

Fondant is so asseme.

ninatat Says... 2010-04-02 19:48:17

sorry everybody but i didn't know these had comments lol, sorry, yes you can color it. i read where some one put the entire melted marshmallows on the counter first. you have to mix it in a little at a time and work each part after you work it in, then do another then i add them togeather. sometime it will need a little more con sugar and some times, and i have put a tad of water in. i do mine in a really large bowl to mix, then i can pull over what i need. i like this recipe to, wilton taste's awful

ninatat Says... 2010-04-02 19:50:34

oh on the 50/50 not for cake, i use to put in some gum tex powder in with it, the da i though about and figured 1 of each. if you look on the back of rhe gum tex can it has a recipe on the back for gum paste.

circus Says... 2010-04-23 09:11:15

if it's too sticky or greasy add a little more powdered sugar. I use this recipe all the time and have never used any other type of fondant. LOVE IT. I do struggle with sugar lumps though so it was good to read the tips on that, thanks for sharing!

ninatat Says... 2010-05-23 12:34:10

hi all i just read a post where someone used their food processor for mm fondant but didn't melt the mm's, i'm going to try it, but i will nuke mine, have to grease the bowl, rod and carefully the blades, but i'm sure you'll have to kneed some crisco in. after it's done, other wise i don't think it will be smooth enough.

ninatat Says... 2012-03-19 09:35:58

hi i tried with not melting the marshmallow, i didn't like it, 50/50 only works for makeing decorations, that's one batch of fondant and one batch of gumpaste, you can sift your ps if you having problems with lumps

cakeangel1970 Says... 2012-08-31 17:51:54

I love the mmf. I'm not sure if it would hold up to , like flowers, tiaras etc...

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