A must for the pantry if you have kids

A Review On: Wilton White Candy Melts, 12-Ounce

Wilton White Candy Melts, 12-Ounce

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Pros: Kid friendly

Cons: Doesn't blend well with Gel colors but ok with candy colors

I always have some of the White in my pantry for those days when the grandkids are over and want to make something.  I have many of the other colors...but sometimes the kiddos want to make their own colors. 


I did have an issue with making Blues Clues cupcake topper/plaques because I put gel into the white and it kinda looked like a little separation was occurring...but White is what the "recipe" for the little plaques called for and it required 2 shades of blue to make the familiar cartoon character. 


I love the candy melts in making the kids happy with simple projects, plus they make a really good decorator frosting even if not stark white in the final icing.


The only problem with the candy melts is that they are made in a facility that also processes peanuts. I have a child with severe peanut allergies and there are no candy melts that are sold, pre-packaged, in Ontario that I have been able to find.
Last time I needed Candy Melts I had to call ahead to the Bulk Barn and ask them to let me know when they were opening a new box so I could come and scoop some before they became contaminated by anything in their store. It's frustrating as a mother who loves to make Chocolate covered cake balls and other pastries and candies!
Wilton makes hooorrible candy melts; you should try Chocoley.com...much better :)
Yes, Wilton does make horrible candy melts! I like AC Moore's brand, Make 'n' Mold. They melt so nicely.