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Wilton Tilting Turntable

A Review On: Wilton Tilting Cake Turntable

Wilton Tilting Cake Turntable

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Pros: none

Cons: flimsy, top falls off, cake slides off

This turntable is just awful.  The top just sits on top of the base and doesn't lock onto it, so if you move it, remember to hold it by the bottom.  The non skid surface is not very effective and even smaller cake slide if you tilt it much at all.  It's very flimsy and shaky, I think because the top just sits in the base, so it doesn't turn smoothly.  Even though I got this with a half off coupon, it was such a waste of money.  I have one of the old plastic wilton turntables, and like it, but I recently bought an 18" round wooden turntable (lazy susan) from Ikea and absolutely love it for cakes.  If I need my cake tilted, I can stick something under one side to prop it up, but so far, I have never had the need to tilt a cake. 


Completely agree.
I also purchased this piece of garbage with a coupon. STILL a waste of money!
I agree that the wilton turn table is awful wobbly.I bought it and hated it so when I went to Big Lots I saw one and bought a turntable made of all glass which works perfectly. The one I bought costs me only 8 dollars and it is 100 times better than the wilton one. It is not flimsy at all compared to the Wilton one which I never use anymore.
I also went to Ikea and bought a lazy susan! I love it, and it does the job! Only cost me 9 dollars!
Agreed. I received one a few years ago as a gift, and I've been pretty much disappointed with it from the day I started using it.
I'm much happier with the basic Wilton one, and for larger/rectangular cakes I have a heavy duty metal Ateco one that is awesome.
Agree. I put mine on craigslist just yesterday hoping to get anything out of it and get it out of my house!
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