Worst Fondant Ever

A Review On: Wilton Pure White Rolled Fondant, 80 oz

Wilton Pure White Rolled Fondant, 80 oz

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Pros: Cheap to purchase

Cons: Flavor, Texture, Drying Speed

I purchased the Wilton fondant (using a coupon at my local craft store) several years ago.  It tastes horrible, smells horrible, is very chewy and dries really fast.  The drying time is really annoying because unless you are really fast at rolling out the fondant and covering a cake, it will start to crack on you half way through the covering process.  Plus, if you make a mistake or rip the fondant and have to reroll it - it is that much drier and will tear so easily.

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Wilton fondant has changed a lot since you bought yours. It is very plain tasting because it is meant to be flavored to suit your tastes. I do wish they would state this on the box.