Love them, wish I could get another 2 sets

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Wilton Flower Former Set

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Pros: You can stack the 3 different sizes and multiple sets into 1 space in your drawer

Cons: Not having more of them

I have used 3 sets of these for many years and wish I had more.  Although the newer designs are like 1 board with 3 different "waves" in it...this older model with its design is much better. 


I love that they all stack into the space for 1.  I love the way I can put multiple sizes of each half tube{?} into a large sheet pan and just fill it up with flowers and if called away I can cover lightly, or stack another sheet pan with more flower formers on it.


Putting them side by side upside and right side up...allows you to alter concave or convex just as well as the new flower "wave" board as long as they are contained inside the sheet pan tray. 


Being able to store all of mine in a small space in a drawer is great.  They also will fit into a cardboard storage tube if you want to store them away out of the kitchen.  You can't do that with the new models.


The original Flower Formers are frequently offered on ebay. You can even choose to buy only those that are in the original sealed packages if you prefer.
Cover the inside of your formers with a couple layers of foil, then you can have as many formers as you need, and they are disposable.